How is illusion used by Blanche when she is with Mitch?

How is illusion used by Blanche when she is with Mitch?

Blanche tries to attain the illusion of staying young by trying to avoid light and preferring the darkness, especially when she is in front of Mitch. Darkness to Blanche gives the illusion that she can still project a young version of herself, while light represents realism and how aging truly affects Blanche.

What does Blanche say about truth and illusion?

After all, a woman’s charm is fifty per cent illusion, but when a thing is important, I tell the truth: I haven’t cheated my sister or you or anyone else as long as I have lived.

What does Blanche pretend to be?

In the Kowalski household, Blanche pretends to be a woman who has never known indignity. Her false propriety is not simply snobbery, however; it constitutes a calculated attempt to make herself appear attractive to new male suitors.

How important are illusion and fantasy as themes in A Streetcar Named Desire?

Illusion and Fantasy in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. An illusion is fake belief whereas fantasy is imagining fanciful visions. Both these themes are important in the play because they show how they can be mistaken for reality by each character in the play. Stella isn’t as happy as it may seem to be.

What does Blanche say about realism and magic?

She begs him not to turn the light on, but he says that he wants to be “realistic.” Blanche cries that she doesn’t like realism and “want[s] magic.” She explains that her policy is to say what “ought” to be true. Mitch switches the light on, and Blanche lets out a cry and covers her face.

What is the significance of Blanche’s final line?

Blanche’s final remark indicates her total detachment from reality and her decision to see life only as she wishes to perceive it.

Is Blanche delusional?

Blanche often uses her imagination as a defense mechanism from her pain from loss and from dangers. This imagination is so vivid that Blanche is able to create a reality where almost anything can happen. Blanche’s addiction to alcohol is common throughout the play and serves as a key factor to her delusions.

Does Stanley lie about raping Blanche?

However, according to her lie, she turned him away, believing that their backgrounds were too incompatible. This is the final straw for Stanley. In the most explosive moment of the play, he declares: STANLEY: There isn’t a damn thing but imagination, and lies, and tricks!

Why does Blanche want magic?

She doesn’t want realism. Instead, she prefers the magic of illusion. And rather than the truth, she lives for “what ought to be.” Thus forcing Blanche into the light makes her see things in their ugly realism — that is, it makes her see how her life actually was instead of how it ought to have been.

Is Blanche DuBois delusional?

Blanche Dubois, A Portrayal of Her Delusional Reality Most people can think of a dream of what they want to do in their lives. It is common for people to dream of their perfect life.

What are blanches delusions about?

Blanche’s addiction to alcohol is common throughout the play and serves as a key factor to her delusions. Blanche Dubois experiences tremendous pain through her experience with losing countless people in her life through death.

Does Stella know Blanche got raped?

Stella is waiting for a psychiatric doctor to arrive and take Blanche away to an asylum. She contemplates with her neighbor Eunice, wondering if she is doing the right thing. They discuss ​Blanche’s rape: Stella: I couldn’t believe her story and go on living with Stanley!

Was Blanche actually raped?

But Stanley’s rape of Blanche just before his child is born, when he is at his most triumphant and she at her most psychologically vulnerable, is the ultimate act of cruelty.