How is Thaddeus Sholto presented?

How is Thaddeus Sholto presented?

Thaddeus Sholto is an intriguing character presented to us in almost a comic fashion. His physical appearance is designed to make us see him as unattractive: a ‘bald, shining scalp’, ‘pendulous lip’ and ‘yellow and irregular teeth’ (p. 23).

What does Thaddeus Sholto ask Watson?

As soon as he discovers that Watson is a doctor, Thaddeus asks him to listen to his heart.

What was Major Sholto afraid of?

Conan Doyle shows how greed leaves Sholto in a permanent state of fear. He was very fearful of going out along, and he always employed two prize-fighters to act as porters at Pondicherry Lodge. Sholto lives under a self-imposed house arrest as a result of his greed and fear of being discovered.

Why did Thaddeus Sholto send the letter to Miss Morstan?

On his deathbed, Major Sholto decided that he wanted to give Miss Mary Morstan her rightful share. He was about to tell his two sons where he had hidden the treasure when he saw a “bearded hairy face, with wild cruel eyes” at the window and yelled for the man to be kept out.

Who is Major Sholto?

Major Sholto is the father of Bartholomew and Thaddeus Sholto and was a friend to Captain Morstan, with whom he served in India. Jonathan Small relates how he brought Sholto into the Agra treasure scheme, hoping to secure his release from the Andaman Islands penal colony where Sholto was an authority figure.

Why does Thaddeus Sholto use a hookah?

Thaddeus smokes a hookah pipe as he explains that he has had a disagreement with his brother, Bartholomew. They will need to visit him later, he says. Thaddeus talks about his father, Major Sholto, who came back to England from India with a small fortune, enough to take care of his sons.

Where does Sherlock send Thaddeus Sholto at the end?

Holmes sends Thaddeus Sholto to fetch the police, leaving him free to investigate the crime scene.

Why did Captain Morstan and Major Sholto argue?

(b) Captain Morstan had asked for his share of the treasure, but Major Sholto did not want to give him any of it. (c) Captain Morstan had a weak heart. He became so angry with Major Sholto that he died. 5 He told them that Captain Morstan had a daughter called Mary.

How Sherlock Holmes discovered the connection between Miss Morstan receiving precious pearls with Major Sholto?

With the last pearl she received a letter remarking that she has been wronged and asking for a meeting. Holmes takes the case and soon discovers that Major Sholto had died in 1882 and that within a short span of time Mary began to receive the pearls, implying a connection.

Who is Sholto in Sherlock?

Bartholomew Sholto is one of Major Sholto’s sons and lives at the family home, Pondicherry Lodge. Thaddeus Sholto, Bartholomew’s brother, takes Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Miss Morstan to Bartholomew with the intention of dividing up the Agra treasure.

Why did Jonathan Small decide to seek vengeance on Major Sholto?

Jonathan Small is the wooden-legged man who seeks vengeance on Major Sholto for the theft of the Agra treasure. He is one of “the four” original men who acquired the treasure. He has lived a tough life, having lost his leg to a crocodile while serving as a soldier in India for the British Army.

How did Sherlock Holmes discover the connection between Miss Morstan?

Holmes was intrigued after hearing Miss Morstan’s story. They had decided to go to the meeting place in the evening. However, before that, Holmes wanted to get as much information as possible about the case. Therefore, he went to look at the backfiles of the Times to find more details pertaining to the case.

Why did Miss Morstan meet Sherlock Holmes What were the things disclosed by her in the meeting?

Miss Mary Morstan comes to meet Sherlock Holmes with a case. She narrates the story of her father’s disappearance under mysterious circumstances ten years ago. She then shares the intriguing case of the pearls that she has been receiving for the past six years by an anonymous sender, who now wants to meet with her.

How was Bartholomew Sholto killed?

Thaddeus Sholto, Bartholomew’s brother, takes Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Miss Morstan to Bartholomew with the intention of dividing up the Agra treasure. It transpires, however, that Bartholomew has been killed by a poisonous blow dart. His face is locked in a frozen grimace when he is discovered.

How did Jonathan Small reach Andaman to strike a deal with Major John Sholto and Captain Arthur Morstan?

After twenty years, Small overheard that Major Sholto had lost much money gambling and couldn’t even sell his commission, necessitating his resignation. Small saw his chance and made a deal with Sholto and Captain Morstan: Sholto would recover the treasure and in return send a boat to pick up Small and the Sikhs.

Why did Miss Morstan receive a pearl every year?

Subsequently, her father mysteriously disappeared without his promised share. A guilt-ridden Major Sholto hid the treasure and sent Miss Morstan the annual gift of pearls.

What is the reason why Miss Mary Morstan decide to consult Sherlock Holmes?

Miss Morstan comes to Sherlock Holmes to see if he can help her find out what happened to her father, Captain Morstan, who disappeared a few years previously. She has also been receiving a pearl once a year in the post and been told to go to London’s Lyceum Theater in the evening of the day she comes to see Holmes.

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