How long are backless boosters good for?

How long are backless boosters good for?

How long do booster seats last? Backless and belt-positioning booster seats last for about 10 years. Use one if your child is 40–57 inches tall or 40–100 pounds.

What age are high back boosters for?

4 to 6 years
Types of Seat

Type of Child Restraint Regulation Approx. Age Range
Forward-facing car seat R129 (i-size) 4 years – 11 years
High-backed Booster Seat 4 to 6 years
High-backed Booster Seat 4 to 11 years
Booster Cushion (From 9th February 2017) 6 – 11 years 4-11 years

What replaced the Britax Frontier?

Britax Grow With You ClickTight Plus
This seat has been discontinued and replaced by the Britax Grow With You ClickTight Plus. Below is an archived review. Weight: 20-90 lbs.

Do boosters have expiration?

Booster Car Seat: These seats will expire in 6-10 years and so make sure you check the label on the backside of your seat or the user manual.

Can my 3 year old go in a high back booster?

Your child should be at least four years old. Your child has reached the minimum requirement of the seat (15kg when approved to ECE R44 or 100cm when approved to UN R129) – this is legally binding by the regulations. Your child has the mental maturity to sit still in the high back booster seat.

Is Britax Pioneer discontinued?

It seems that Britax is slowly phasing out the Pinnacle, Pioneer, and Britax Frontier Clicktight Booster Seat.

Where do you find the expiration date on a car seat?

Infant Car Seat : A 6 year expiration means that you can use it longer, so the seat can be passed down through several babies. The expiration date and date of manufacture are printed on a sticker on the top of the base (see picture below) and on the bottom of the car seat itself.

How long is a car seat base good for?

six years
Most car seat bases are good for six years from their manufacturing date.