How long does it take to climb Tiger temple Krabi?

How long does it take to climb Tiger temple Krabi?

Tough climb – we managed it in just under 30 mins, but could easily take over an hour if not fit as the steps were very steep. Definitely recommend going early in the morning to avoid the worst of the heat, less tourists and the monkeys!!

How long does it take to climb Tiger cave?

3 answers. It takes most people 35-40 minutes to reach the top of the stairs, another 10-20 minutes at the top taking photos and resting, and 25-30 minutes to walk down the stairs. From the temple to the hot spring takes 25-30 minutes (by van). over a year ago.

How high is Tiger Cave Temple Krabi?

The Tiger Cave Temple is 278-meter-high and in order to reach the summit, it is necessary to manage some steep stairs with no less than 1237 steps.

How do I get from Tiger Cave Temple to Ao Nang?

Stay in Krabi Town or Ao Nang At least the journey to the foot of the temple is easy. You can either stay in Krabi Town or Ao Nang to visit the Tiger Cave Temple. Hire a motorbike! It will only be a 10 minutes drive from Krabi Town and 30 minutes from Ao Nang.

How do I get to Wat Tham Suea?

How to get to Wat Tham Sua? There is no public transport to come to the temple but you can hire a songthaew (pickup with benches at the back) to take you there. From Kanachanaburi city, it will cost you around 800 THB for a round trip regardless of the number of passengers with 1 hour to visit the temple.

Are there snakes in Krabi?

If you are vacationing in Krabi province you will almost definitely NOT see a snake during the daytime, or night time. It’s just not very likely at all. Even people that come to Krabi to go looking for snakes don’t always find even one in a couple of hours of looking.

Why is Railay Beach so popular?

Thanks to its unique landscape that features massive limestone cliffs, Railay is a prime destination for rock climbers whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. There are lots of places for rock climbing in Railay Beach but the most popular one is found on Tonsai beach.