How long is a BMW 5 Series Tourer?

How long is a BMW 5 Series Tourer?

4,936mm 4,942mm
Exterior dimensions

Dimension saloon Touring
Length 4,936mm 4,942mm
Width including door mirrors 2,126mm 2,126mm
Height 1,479mm 1,498mm
Wheelbase 2,975mm 2,975mm

How long is a 2013 BMW 535i?

193.1″2013 BMW 535i / Length

What is a 2013 BMW 5 Series worth?

2013 BMW 5 Series Value – $7,371-$17,748 | Edmunds.

How big is a 5 Series Touring boot?

560 litres
If there’s one area where an estate car has to excel, it’s the boot, and the BMW 5 Series Touring certainly does that. It’s huge and practical. The boot in the Touring gives you 560 litres of luggage space with the rear seats up and 1,670 litres when they’re down.

When was BMW 5 Series Touring facelift?

On 27 May 2020, a facelifted 5 Series was unveiled. Although the 2021 BMW 5 Series is 1.2 inches longer than the 2020 model, many of the vehicle’s other dimensions remain unchanged despite the styling redesign.

How long is a BMW in feet?

3 Series Dimensions

Dimensions in mm in feet
Length 4709 15.45
Width 1827 5.99
Height 1442 4.73
Wheelbase 2851 9.35

What is the shortest length BMW?

The shortest BMW ever built is the 1955 BMW Isetta, with a length of 90 inches.

Is the 2013 BMW 535i Twin Turbo?

2013 BMW 535 review: Our expert’s take. The five-seat 5 Series is offered with a twin-turbo V-8 (550i), a single-turbo six-cylinder (535i) and a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder for the 528i, with an eight-speed automatic transmission available across the board.

How reliable is the BMW 535i?

The BMW 535i Reliability Rating is 2.5 out of 5.0, with an average annual repair cost of $977. The probability of a repair being severe or major is 16% for the BMW 535i. Reliability overall for the BMW 5 Series is average when compared to other cars in its category.

How much is a BMW 2013?

2013 BMW 3 Series Retail Prices

Trim MSRP Invoice
328i xDrive Sedan AWD $38,850 $35,740
320i xDrive Sedan AWD $34,550 $31,785
320i Sedan RWD $32,550 $29,945
335i Convertible RWD $53,800 $49,495

Can a BMW 5 Series fit 3 car seats?

Guaranteed 3 across installations: Clek Fllo, Graco Contender, Diono Radian / RXT. Clek Fllo, Diono Radian / RXT, Diono Radian / RXT.

Do BMW 5 Series rear seats fold down?

The BMW 5 Series trunk holds up to 18.7 cubic feet in non-hybrid models, or up to 14.5 cubic feet in hybrid variants. Folding down your rear seats dramatically expands this capacity.

How long is a BMW 528i?

BMW 528i Dimensions 2016

BMW 528i Height 1464mm
BMW 528i Width 1860mm
BMW 528i Length 4899mm
BMW 528i Ground clearance unladen 140mm
BMW 528i Wheelbase 2968mm