How many albums did Emerson Lake and Palmer sell?

How many albums did Emerson Lake and Palmer sell?

With nine RIAA-certified gold record albums in the US, and an estimated 48 million records sold worldwide, they were one of the most popular and commercially successful progressive rock bands in the 1970s, with a musical sound including adaptations of classical music with jazz and symphonic rock elements, dominated by …

What genre is Emerson Lake and Palmer?

RockEmerson, Lake & Palmer / Genre

Who are the members of the band Emerson Lake and Palmer?

Keith Emerson
Greg LakeVocalsCarl Palmer
Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Members

What was Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s greatest hit?

From The Beginning
Track Listings

1 From The Beginning
2 Jersusalem
3 Still…You Turn Me On
4 Fanfare For The Common Man (Single Version)
5 Knife Edge

Is Carl Palmer a good drummer?

Along the way his dazzling speed and mastery of the drums, combined with his infectious stage personality, have secured for him a respected place in history as one of Rock and Roll’s greatest drummers.

What synthesizer did Keith Emerson use?

Moog synthesizer
Keith Emerson discovered the Moog synthesizer with his band The Nice in 1969. Shortly thereafter, he reached out to Bob Moog and acquired one of the first Moog modular synthesizers, which was built for the Museum Of Modern Art’s “Jazz In The Garden” public performance.

What synthesizer did Emerson Lake and Palmer use?

Moog synth
Keith’s Moog synth traveled the globe with Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Keith worked with Bob and his team to update and upgrade the instrument to meet Keith’s on-stage and studio requirements.

How long was Greg Lake married?

Honestly, in my brain I feel 17, but my body feels about 104.” These days Lake lives in Richmond with his wife of nearly 40 years, Regina, just up the road from his daughter Natasha in Kew, where she has a home with her husband and Lake’s month-old grandchild, Gabriel.

Where did Emerson Lake and Palmer get their first album?

In their first year, the group signed with E.G. Records (who distributed the band’s records through Island Records in the United Kingdom, and Atlantic Records in North America), and released Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970) and Tarkus (1971), both of which reached the UK top five.

How did Emerson Lake&Palmer do in the US?

Emerson, Lake & Palmer went to number four on the UK Albums Chart and number 18 on the Billboard 200 in the US. In Canada, the album reached number 17 on 3 separate occasions, beginning May 8th, and was in the Top 100 for 35 weeks. “Lucky Man” reached number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the US.

What year did Emerson Lake and Palmer break up?

After a three-year break, Emerson, Lake & Palmer released Works Volume 1 (1977) and Works Volume 2 (1977). After Love Beach (1978), the group disbanded in 1979. The band reformed partially in the 1980s as Emerson, Lake & Powell featuring Cozy Powell in place of Palmer.

Who are the members of Emerson Lake and Palmer?

Factory Emerson, Lake & Palmer ( ELP) were an English progressive rock supergroup formed in London in April 1970. The band consisted of Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (vocals, bass, guitar and producer) and Carl Palmer (drums and percussion).