How many amps can SWA take?

How many amps can SWA take?

Specifications and Current Capacity for SWA Cable 4 Core

Four Core Specifications
Nominal Cross Sectional Area (mm2) 1.5 70
Conductor Short Circuit Rating (1 Sec/kA) 0.20 10.0
Three Phase AC Clipped Direct (Amps) 23 238
Three Phase AC Free Air (Amps) 25 251

What is the current carrying capacity of copper?

Copper current-carrying is equal to 1.2 times the total volume of the copper (lenth*breath*thickness). Lets us have a simple example of 35 sqmm bus bar. Apply our equation, Current carry capacity of 35sqmm bar = 1.2* 35 = 42 Amps.

What is the current carrying capacity of 240sqmm XLPE cable?

Technical Specification

Cable type Cu/XLPE/SC/SWA/PVC
Insulating resistance at 20 °C (Approx.) (Mohmxkm) 55000
Current carrying capacity in ground (20 °C) (A) 513
Current carrying capacity in air (30 °C) (A) 553
Maximum dielectric loss of cable (W/km) 8.7

How do you calculate the current carrying capacity of copper cable?

Cable Capacity

  1. For Cu Wire Current Capacity (Up to 30 = 6X Size of Wire in Ex.
  2. For Cable Current Capacity = 4X Size of Cable in, Ex. For 2.5 = 4×2.5 = 9 Amp.
  3. Nomenclature for cable Rating = Uo/U.
  4. where Uo = Phase-Ground Voltage, U = Phase-Phase Voltage, Um = Highest Permissible Voltage.

How much current can a 10mm SWA cable carry?

Table 4E4A – Current Carrying Capacity in Ampere

Conductor cross-sectional area mm² REFERENCE METHOD C – CLIPPED DIRECT Method E – In free air or on a perforated cable tray.
10 85 78
16 110 99
25 146 131
35 180 162

What is the current carrying capacity of 240 sq mm copper cable?

Product specification

Brand Polycab
Overall Diameter (Strip/Wire) 55.4 mm / 51.7 mm
Current Rating (A) 402 Amp
Thickness of PVC Insulation 1.7 / 1.2 mm
Min.thickness of pvc inner sheath 0.6 mm

What is the current carrying capacity of 1 sq mm copper wire?

Then according to this algorithm we know: copper wire per 1 square millimeter area, if the 220V is used in single-phase circuit, it can safely carry the load current through the 1KW; if used in three-phase balanced load (such as motor) circuit, can safe current carrying load by 2.5KW.

What is XLPE Armoured cable?

XLPE cable stands for cross linked polyethylene cable. It is a hydronic tubing manufactured from polyethylene plastic. XLPE features a 3D molecular bond structure and shape memory characteristics.

What is XLPE SWA cable?

The range of hard-wearing steel wire armour (SWA) and aluminium wire armour (AWA) XLPE insulated cables is manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-1 and is designed for use in applications where there is a risk of mechanical stress and where protection is required against mechanical damage.

Why is XLPE cable used?

What are the benefits of XLPE? XLPE insulation performs at both high and low temperatures. Due to its structure, XLPE is extremely resistant to abrasion and other wear and tear. It also boasts resistance to high voltage electricity, chemicals, and other hazardous materials.

What is the difference between XLPE and armoured cable?

The main difference between the two is that XLPE can be used for both high-and-low tension applications. Its structure provides great resistance to abrasion, stress, and other wear and tear. PVC insulation cannot withstand as much pressure, meaning it is only suitable for low tension applications.

What is XLPE SWA?

What is CU XLPE SWA PVC cable?

Cable for power supply, for rated voltage up to 0.6/1kV. Suitable for outdoor fixed installations when it is necessary to protect the cable against mechanical aggression or against rodents threat. Can be laid in free air, installed in ducts or directly buried.