How many calories is a Christmas tree cake?

How many calories is a Christmas tree cake?

220 calories
There are 220 calories in 1 cake (49 g) of Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes. * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet.

How many calories are in a piece of Christmas cake?

Nutrition Information

Calories 237 (990 kJ)
Carbohydrate 37.5 g 12%
Sugars 28.3 g
Dietary Fibre 2.1 g 7%
Sodium 217 mg 9%

How many calories are in a Little Debbie Christmas tree cake?

Little Debbie Chocolate Christmas Tree Cakes

Calories 210
Calories from Fat 0

How many calories in a slice of iced Christmas cake?

View calories and nutrition info per 1 Slice/60g of Marks and Spencer Christmas Cake and see how many calories are in 100g of Marks and Spencer Christmas Cake and its nutrition information….Marks and Spencer Christmas Cake Calories and Nutrition per Serving (1 Serving=1 Slice/60g)

Calories 219
Fibre 1.6
Alcohol 0

How many carbs are in Christmas tree cakes?

Christmas Tree Cake (1 cake) contains 32g total carbs, 32g net carbs, 10g fat, 1g protein, and 220 calories.

How many calories are in a Christmas cake with marzipan and icing?

Christmas Cake: A slice of cake with marzipan and icing will set you back 200 calories and 30g sugar (7tsp).

Is Christmas cake good for you?

It is packed with energy: Christmas cake has a high ratio of fruits to flour and hence is packed with nutrients. On the flip side, this isn’t a cake you want to snack on as it can also increase your waistline. Naturally dried fruits are the key to a good Christmas cake: Christmas cake is said to be an acquired taste.

Is Xmas cake good for you?

How many calories are in a large piece of fruit cake?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 139 (582 kJ)
Sodium 116 mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 26.5 g 9%
Dietary Fiber 1.6 g 6%
Sugars 12.8 g

Is fruit cake good for weight loss?

It’s a total waste of calories. You get all the sugar, fat, and calories of cake but none of the “that was so worth it!” amazing taste. Let’s do everyone a favor and stick to double chocolate, gingerbread, and shortbread.

Is fruit cake fattening?

Fruitcake. We might like to pretend, based on its name, that fruitcake is a reasonably healthy sweet option, however this is not the case. Fruitcake tends to have high butter, sugar and syrup content, making it high in both fat and calorie content.

How many calories are in a slice of rich fruit cake?

Rich Fruit Cake (1 serving) contains 65.2g total carbs, 62g net carbs, 7.4g fat, 3g protein, and 336 calories.

Is Christmas cake very fattening?

The nutrition lowdown A slice of Christmas cake has almost twice the sugar (45 per cent of the maximum recommended for a day!) and slightly more calories than a mince pie. But it’s slightly lower in saturated fat and contains double the potassium, a third more iron and almost four times more vitamin A.

How many calories are in a small slice of fruitcake?

139 calories
There are 139 calories in 1 piece of Fruitcake.

Can I eat cake during diet?

The truth, experts say, is that you can have your weight loss and eat cake, too — as long as you “cheat” on your diet the sensible way. Taking away a person’s favorite foods can be the death knell to a diet, says David NW.