How many district are there in Senapati?

How many district are there in Senapati?

Senapati is of the 16 districts of Manipur state in India….

Senapati district
Country India
State Manipur
Headquarters Senapati (Tahamzam)
Tehsils 1. Purul, 2. Paomata, 3. Mao-Maram,

Is Senapati a district?

The Senapati District is located in the northern part of Manipur. It is bounded on the east by Ukhrul District, on the west by Tamenglong District, on the north by Phek District of Nagaland and on the south by Imphal East District and Imphal West District.

Which department comes under Senapati?


Sl. No. Department Name Address
1 I & PR Mini Secretariat Complex Senapati
2 Medical CMO Office Senapati Bazaar
3 Office of the General Manager, District Industries Centre Senapati
4 Office of the Deputy Director, (TD & Hills) Senapati

How many villages are there in Senapati district?

When it comes to villages, there are about 669 villages in senapati district.

In which state Senapati district is?

ManipurSenapati / State

What is Senapati called in English?

commander countable noun, title noun. A commander is an officer in charge of a military operation. /senapati, senApati, senaapati, senāpati, senapti, senApti, senaapti, senāpti/

How many tribes are there in Senapati?

There are five main Naga tribes in Senapati district – Mao, Maram, Poumai, Zeliang and Thangkul.

What is the population of Senapati?

Out of total population of Senapati, 531,855 in the district, 7,476 are in urban area and 471,672 are in rural area. 1,437 households are in urban, 81,974 are in rural area. 5,499 literate people are in urban, 258,978 are in rural area. Senapati district has a population of 354972, it has 6 subdivisions.

Which is the largest village in Manipur?

Hungpung is one of the largest villages in Ukhrul district….Hungpung.

Hungpung (HAOKOK ) Thawaijao Hundung
State Manipur
District Ukhrul
• Total 336

How many Mao village are there?

94 villages
There are about 94 villages in mao maram subdivision, which you can browse from mao maram subdivision villages list (along with gram panchayat information) below.

Who was the commander in chief of Bengal?

Commanders-in-Chief of India, 1748–1801

No. Commander-in-Chief Time in office
1 Major general Stringer Lawrence (1697–1775) 5–6 years
2 Lieutenant general John Adlercron (1691–1766) 0 years
3 Major general Robert Clive (1725–1774) 3 years, 62 days
4 Brigadier general John Caillaud (1726–1812) 304 days

What is the pin code of Senapati?

795106Senapati / Zip code

How many villages are there in Manipur?

District-wise List

Sl No District Total Villages
3 Churachandpur 603
4 Imphal East 214
5 Imphal West 140
6 Senapati 687

How many block are there in Senapati?

6 Blocks
Senapati a district of Manipur is having about 6 Blocks in its District.