How many Gleneagles hospitals are there in Malaysia?

How many Gleneagles hospitals are there in Malaysia?

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What is Gleneagles Hospital famous for?

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur is one of the earliest and amongst the few leading private hospitals in Malaysia to receive the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and certification in sustaining high standards in quality healthcare and patient safety.

Who is the CEO of Gleneagles?

Gleneagles Penang CEO Ivan Loh began his career as a chartered accountant before taking up a position at the medical centre in 1996. He recalls that the business was very small at the time, and people were just starting to purchase health insurance.

How many beds does Gleneagles Hospital have?

258Gleneagles Hospital / Number of beds

Who owns Gleneagles Hospital in Malaysia?

IHH Healthcare
The hospital was funded in 1996, and commenced its operations on 1 August 1996. GKL is a subsidiary of Pantai Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, which is owned by IHH Healthcare, which owns three other Gleneagles hospitals in Malaysia.

Where does the name Gleneagles come from?

The name’s origin has nothing to do with eagles, and is a corruption of eaglais or ecclesia, meaning church, and refers to the chapel and well of Saint Mungo, which was restored as a memorial to the Haldane family which owns the Gleneagles estate.

What hospitals are under IHH Healthcare?

Its portfolio of healthcare brands includes Pantai, Gleneagles and Prince Court in IHH Malaysia; Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles, and Parkway in IHH Singapore; Gleneagles and ParkwayHealth in IHH Greater China; Fortis, Global and Continental in IHH India; and Acibadem in Turkey.

Who owns Gleneagles Singapore?

Parkway Life REIT owns 69.05% of the total share value of the strata lots in Gleneagles Hospital Development, representing the Gleneagles Hospital which has 257 beds, 10 Strata units and 121 car park lots.