How many parts are there in FCE speaking test?

How many parts are there in FCE speaking test?

The B2 First Speaking test has four parts and you take it together with another candidate. There are two examiners….Summary.

Time allowed: 14 minutes per pair of candidates
Number of parts: 4
Marks: 20% total
You have to talk: with the examiner with the other candidate on your own

What is the format of FCE?

The test has four sections: Reading & Use of English -75 minutes. Writing – 2 essays, 80 minutes. Listening – 40 minutes.

How do you succeed in B2 first FCE speaking Part 4?

Top Tips The questions in part 4 are not written down, so you have to listen carefully. If you don’t understand the question, ask the examiner to repeat it. Look at the examiner when you give your answer, but then look at your partner when you are talking to each other. Always explain your answers.

How long is the FCE speaking exam?

It’s only 15 minutes long, but for many students, the FCE Speaking Test is the most stressful part of Cambridge B2 First (which used to be called Cambridge English: First and before that, FCE). A lot of students don’t know what to expect, they don’t feel confident in their English, and they don’t know how to prepare.

What is the minimum score for FCE?

The score you need to pass is 160. Look at this graphic: As you can see, grades C and B cover the B2 level, while an A at First Certificate is at the lower end of C1. You can also see that an A at FCE is similar to a C at Advanced level.

How do you succeed in B2 First FCE speaking Part 4?

How would you describe a picture in FCE?

For FCE, describing pictures will generally involve talking about a person of group of people participating in some type of activity. The people themselves may be the focus of the question, or it may be related to the experience or place.

Do universities accept FCE?

Cambridge English exams are recognised by over 25,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. Our English language tests can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because they are globally recognised, can increase your choices for study or work.

Is Cambridge certificate lifetime?

How Long Are the Certifications Valid? Unlike the TOEFL and IELTS exams which are only valid for 2 years, the Cambridge exams (FCE & CAE) are valid FOR LIFE!