How many platforms are there in kachiguda?

How many platforms are there in kachiguda?

Kacheguda railway station

Platforms 5
Tracks 11
Connections Auto stand, Taxi stand

How many railway stations are there in Hyderabad?

Major stations and categories

Category No. of stations Names of stations
D Annual earning Rs. 1 to 3 crore 9 Dharmabad, Jadcherla, Shadnagar, Umdanagar, Umri, Bolarum, Malkajgiri, Wanaparthi Road
E Annual earning < 1 crore 39
F Halt stations 41
Total 104

Is parking available at Kachiguda railway station?

While ₹18 and ₹24 is charged for the first two-three hours of car parking at Kachiguda and Nampally railway stations respectively, ₹47 is charged for two hours of car parking at Secunderabad railway station.

Is cloak room available in Kachiguda railway station?

It has introduced luxury retiring rooms called ‘Fresh Up’ which can be used by passengers by making an hourly payment. Hyderabad: Kacheguda Railway station has come up with new feature on the station premises to make the journey more comfortable.

Do we have metro to kachiguda?

The nearest metro station to Kacheguda Railway Station is Malakpet Metro Station. Malakpet is an elevated metro station which is located on the Red Line of Hyderabad Metro. The distance between Malaket Metro Station to Kacheguda Railway Station is 3.5 Km.

Is kacheguda a junction?

Kachiguda is one of the old suburbs in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The third largest railway station in Hyderabad, Kacheguda railway station, built during the Nizam rule, is a major landmark of Kachiguda.

What is the Hyderabad old name?

The city was originally called Baghnagar “city of gardens”, and later acquired the name Hyderabad.

Can I park my car in Kalka?

yes there is a general paid parking just outside the station entrance. It is in open although appears safe and cared. You can leave vehicle for upto 2-3 days i think. Space is less for about a 100 cars and is mostly occupied by taxies about 10% space was free in this nearly off season.

Is Hyderabad Metro parking free?

Once tariff rates are made applicable, the cost per KM of travel will be around Rs. 2/-. The time for charging a car is 45 minutes to one hour. India undertaking has also established three charging points at Miyapur and Balanagar Metro stations.

Can we keep luggage at railway station without ticket?

You must be in possession of a train ticket showing that you have either just arrived at your chosen station or that you will be departing from there within the next month. Your bags must be securely locked. This may require some ingenuity for rucksacks but can be done.

What is the nearest metro station to Kachiguda railway station?

Malakpet station
What’s the nearest metro station to Kacheguda Railway Station in Hyderabad? The Malakpet station is the nearest one to Kacheguda Railway Station in Hyderabad.

Which Mandal is kachiguda?

Kachiguda is a place located in Hyderabad Mandal, in Hyderabad district of Telangana state, India.

Which station is biggest in Hyderabad?

Secunderabad is one of India’s largest and busiest railway stations. The main railway terminus and a commuter hub in the Hyderabad urban area (the capital of Telangana), it is one of three major stations serving the city; the other two are Kacheguda and the Hyderabad Deccan railway station.