How many public holidays are in Cyprus 2021?

How many public holidays are in Cyprus 2021?

Cyprus has a total of 25 holidays in 2021.

How many public holidays are there in Cyprus?

National and Public Holidays in Cyprus in 2021

Day Date Holiday
Monday 21 June Pentecost Monday “Kataklismos”
Sunday 15 August Assumption Day
Friday 1 October Cyprus Independence Day
Thursday 28 October Ohi day-Greek National Day

Is Christmas Eve a holiday in Cyprus?

Christmas Eve in Cyprus Christmas Eve is public holiday in 2022 in whole Cyprus.

What is 6th January in Cyprus?

Epiphany is celebrated with a holiday on 6 January in Cyprus to commemorate the baptism of Jesus as recorded in the Bible. This holiday falls 12 days after Christmas Day.

Is December 24 a holiday in Cyprus?

Is Christmas Eve a Public Holiday? Even though Christmas Eve falls on Saturday, December 24, 2022, it is a working day. Most businesses follow regular opening hours in Cyprus.

What is March 25 known for?

March 25th is the 84th day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of successful completion of the 4-day, 50-mile march led by Martin Luther King Jr and the delivery of the first fully functional Space Shuttle orbiter, the Columbia, to prepare for its first launch.

How is Epiphany celebrated in Cyprus?

Each year dozens of Greek-Cypriots mark the religious holiday by diving into the cold water to retrieve a cross cast into the sea by a priest, symbolising the blessing of the waters and the manifestation of Jesus as the son of God.

What holiday is March 26th?

Holidays for Friday, March 26th, 2021

  • Legal Assistants Day. Observed annually on March 26th.
  • National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Observed annually on March 26th.
  • National Nougat Day. Observed annually on March 26th.
  • National Spinach Day.
  • No Homework Day.
  • Purple Day.
  • Solitude Day.
  • Spinach Festival Day.