How many shuttlecraft did the Enterprise D have?

How many shuttlecraft did the Enterprise D have?

A Constitution-class starship like the U.S.S. Enterprise typically carries four shuttlecraft. Car customizer Gene Winfield led the team that built the Galileo exterior mockup.

How fast is Star Trek shuttlecraft?

According to the Star Trek: Voyager Technical Manual (p. 20), the “maximum speed of these craft was Warp 3.”

How many shuttlecraft did Voyager carry?

Voyager had up to 8 shuttles at any given time, with up to 17 built during the show’s run.

How many shuttlecraft are there?

In an optimistic estimation, we can assume that there were eight shuttles aboard when Voyager left for the Badlands. Since Voyager’s complement consists of as many as three different shuttlecraft types, it is a good guess is that there were two shuttles of Type 6, three of Type 8 and three of Type 9.

How many Holodecks does Enterprise-D have?

The USS Enterprise-D’s normal complement is 1,012 persons. There are 16 holodecks on Galaxy-class starships, including the Enterprise, located on decks 9 through 11.

Can shuttles warp?

So anything short of shuttle pods that are shown without warp nacelles are warp capable.

How many photon torpedoes did Voyager use?

38 photon torpedoes
Working from the early claim that Voyager is only carrying 38 photon torpedoes, YouTuber TazG2000 went through the entire damn series and counted up every last torpedo fired.

How many shuttle crafts did Voyager lose?

They keep 8 shuttles in the hangar bay and shuttle bay. They lost about ten throughout the series.

Can Voyager separate?

Like the Galaxy Class, Voyager’s warp nacelles were below the primary hull. The ship also was capable of planetary landings. Unlike the Galaxy Class, the ship could not separate the saucer during an emergency.

Does shuttlecraft have warp cores?

All shuttlecraft are equipped with nacelles which mirror the ship they came from, as well as impulse exhausts at the rear, so they would all be capable of limited warp speeds (most probably topping out at factor 3, due to size of their reactor cores and available fuel).

How much antimatter is in a photon torpedo?

A photon torpedo contains 1.5 kg of matter and 1.5 kg of antimatter which yields 64.4 megatons of TNT, that’s enough to flatten New York City.

What is a Fulton torpedo?

(Robert Fulton 1805). Fulton was the first to use “torpedo” to describe a gunpowder device exploded beneath ships. His torpedoes were really floating mines because self-propulsion was not possible in 1800.

What is the shuttlecraft called in Star Trek?

This boxlike, utilitarian shape became the prototype of shuttles throughout Star Trek. The shuttlecraft, named for Galileo Galilei, was first featured in “The Galileo Seven”. Its registration number is NCC-1701/7 and carries a crew of seven. When Galileo and her crew go missing in the episode a second shuttlecraft called Columbus is launched.

What is a Class-F shuttlecraft?

The Class-F shuttlecraft was the standard-issue shuttlecraft in service with Starfleet during the mid- 23rd century . Larger Starfleet vessels, such as the Constitution -class starships were typically equipped with four shuttles of this class and other shuttle classes.

What is a type 6 shuttlecraft?

The type-6 shuttlecraft was introduced sometime prior to 2364. The design was wide-spread in Starfleet, with most starships and space stations assigned several of the shuttles, as such, it could be considered the standard shuttle throughout the 2360s and early- 2370s . It was a versatile vessel equipped with a warp drive allowing warp travel.

What are the different types of shuttlecrafts?

Shuttlecraft ranged in size from the larger, longer-range, and more versatile types, such as runabouts, to the small, short-range types commonly known as shuttlepods. Most Starfleet shuttlecraft from the 23rd century onward had warp nacelles, indicating warp capability.