How many snow goose decoys do I need?

How many snow goose decoys do I need?

Set out a minimum of 500 decoys (1,000 to 1,500 is better). Supplement shell and silhouette decoys with lighter, less expensive white rags or white plastic bag decoys. Wear camouflage or white if snow covers the ground. Don’t over call.

Why are snow geese so hard to decoy?

They are slow in changing their methods of trying to decoy snow geese. Others veterans have used the same spread and number of decoys for years and are too stubborn to change. Their harvest numbers of snow geese has been low the past 20 years. Snow geese get used to seeing the same decoys daily as they fly out to feed.

What is the best shot size for snow geese?

Hunters should always use large shot for snow geese, with BB the smallest acceptable size and BBB, T and F very acceptable sizes. And steel shot is more than adequate to take down a snow goose at 68 yards in the sky.

How do you make homemade goose decoys?

Use black and white spray paint to give the decoy a convincing color scheme. Alternatively, make a head and neck from foam and attach it to a plastic jug, painted black and white. Tie a tug string to several of the floating decoys so you can impart movement when ducks or geese fly overhead.

Do snow geese feed into the wind?

“We’ve tried just about every spread that you can imagine,” Fujan says, “but the one that has consistently produced results is really nothing more than a big oval with a large landing area on the up-wind side of the spread.” Landing snow geese are naturally drawn to the active side of a feeding flock, where birds are …

Where do you put snow geese?

Snow geese land ahead of their buddies. Place your blinds the farthest away upwind in your decoy spread as possible. Being on the upper end will mean incoming geese will be close to you when they commit to landing.

Is Dave Smith still alive?

May 31, 2022Dave Smith / Died

Where do you aim on a snow goose?

Stay in the Zone “Everyone has a shooting zone that extends out from their blind at roughly 45-degree angles. My instruction is simple: do not shoot anything outside of the zone,” Bard says. “This has helped tremendously in maximizing our shooting opportunities, because hunters do not double-up on as many birds.”

Can you use 2 shot for snow geese?

2 shot works well for decoying geese, and BBs or 1s do the job on days birds won’t finish. Electronic callers and improved decoy spreads make it much more common to shoot snows at close range than back in the days of rag spreads when 50- and 60-yard shots were the norm.

What choke is best for snow geese?

He recommends using improved-cylinder and modified chokes for close-in shooting. As a guide, however, he prefers the tighter-shooting Rob Roberts Triple Threat (T3) choke, because he often shoots cleanup as geese leave the spread.

Do snow goose silhouettes work?

They are a handy way to fill in a spread of socks, and they add “movement” by the way the birds see them in flight, so on windless days, they may work better than socks to pull the birds in. I bought mine on sale for $2.00 a piece, so I have 120 that I can quickly add to my spread.