How many state prisons are in Illinois?

How many state prisons are in Illinois?

28 state prisons
The Prison System As of December 31, 2017, the number of prisoners under the jurisdiction of State of Illinois correctional authorities was 41,427 located in 28 state prisons and held in the custody of private prisons. The Illinois Department of Correction had a staff of 11,913 employees and budget of $1.275 billion.

What does IDOC mean as it relates to law enforcement and corrections in Illinois?

Statute Request: Current laws and archival versions of laws. [1] By law individuals incarcerated in Illinois within county jails or the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) may send privileged mail to the John Howard Association of Illinois (JHA).

How do I send money to an inmate in Cook County Jail?

For your convenience, the Cook County Department of Corrections offers several ways in which to add funds to a individual in custody’s “books”. Family and Friends have the option of using the Internet Online, Telephone, Money Exchange/Currency Exchange facilities, and jail on-site Lobby Kiosks.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Illinois?

Other Ways to Send Money to an Inmate

  1. Send money quickly with your credit or debit card. Make Trust Deposit.
  2. ConnectNetwork Mobile. Send money on the go with our free app.
  3. 888.988.4768. Send money with our automated phone system 24/7/365.
  4. At Facility. Make cash and credit deposits at facility kiosks.

How do I send money to an inmate in the Illinois Department of Corrections?

Individual in Custody Deposit Services

  1. JPAY at
  2. Money Gram locations using the Blue Money Gram Express Payment Form – receiving code is 7364.
  3. Western Union at or at locations using the Quick Collect Form – code city and state are ILDOC IL.

Can prisoners drink alcohol?

It’s no surprise that alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in all jails and prisons. Exceptions, though rare, can be made for religious ceremonies like communion or Shabbat for which a small amount of wine might be permitted (pending warden approval, of course).

Can you marry an inmate in Illinois?

The marriage of two imprisoned persons is prohibited under the rules. An inmate wishing to be married must submit a written request to the chief administrative officer a minimum of 30 days before the requested date of the ceremony. All costs associated with the wedding are the inmate’s responsibility.