How many stumping did Kiran More?

How many stumping did Kiran More?

The second most successful Indian Test keeper after Kirmani, More still holds the Test records for most stumpings in an innings (five) and in a match (six). Both were accomplished during Hirwani’s Test at Madras in 1987-88.

Who is the No 1 wicketkeeper in the world?

Kumar Sangakkara (Sria Lanka) Sangakkara, a known legend of the game, has played 594 international matches in his international career, which is the most by any wicket-keeper. He stands number on this list with 678 dismissals to his name.

What record does Kiran More hold?

Record of 5 stumpings in 1 innings still stands after 30 yrs. Former Indian wicketkeeper Kiran More became the first and only wicketkeeper in Test cricket history to effect five stumpings in an innings, achieving the feat in a Test against Windies on January 15, 1988.

Who is the best wicket-keeper of 2021?

Top 5 Wicketkeepers In The World Currently

  • #5 Mohammad Rizwan.
  • #4 BJ Watling.
  • #3 Rishabh Pant.
  • #2 Jos Buttler.
  • #1 Quinton de Kock.

Who is the No 2 wicket-keeper in India?

Nayan Mongia
Top 10 Indian wicket-keeper list

Sr. No Player Span
1 MS Dhoni 2004-2019
2 Nayan Mongia 1994-2001
3 Syed Kirmani 1976-1986
4 Kiran More 1984-1993

Who is best keeper in India?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni
MS Dhoni | Best Wicket Keepers in IPL Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best wicket-keeper in IPL and unarguably the best India ever had.

Which Indian wicketkeeper has most stumpings?

keeper MS Dhoni
Former Indian captain and wicket-keeper MS Dhoni tops the list with 123 stumpings in 347 ODI matches played as a wicket-keeper. He affected these stumping playing for India (120 stumpings) and Asia XI (3 stumpings). He is the only player with more than 100 stumpings in an ODI career.

Which wicketkeeper has most stumpings in Test cricket?

In this article, we look at 10 wicket-keepers who have registered the most stumpings in Test cricket.

  • WAS Oldfield (Australia): 52.
  • TG Evans (England): 46.
  • SMH Kirmani (India): 38.
  • MS Dhoni (India): 38.
  • AC Gilchrist (Australia): 37.
  • HAPW Jayawardene (Sri Lanka): 32.
  • IA Healy (Australia): 29.
  • Wasim Bari (Pakistan): 27.

Who is the fastest wicket keeper?

The record for completing fastest 100 dismissals as wicket-keeper in world cricket is held by South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock, who achieved this feat in 22 Test matches.

Who is the fastest stumping in cricket?

Dhoni is not only remembered for record numbers in stumpings but for the reason that he had perfect balance to execute the art of stumpings. He holds the world record for fastest stumping with a timing of 0.08 seconds.