How many times has Steve McDonald in Coronation Street been married?

How many times has Steve McDonald in Coronation Street been married?

Steve is Coronation Street’s most married character, having been married seven times to five women.

How old is Steve McDonald?

The 47-year-old attended The Kingsway School in Stockport, where he was scouted for the role of McDonald. His first appearance in Corrie aired on December 6, 1989, when he was just 15-years-old.

Who is Steve McDonald’s daughter?

Alexandra Mardell, who plays Emma Brooker, has quit Coronation Street. The 28-year-old actress has starred in the soap as the barmaid for four years and says the time has gone “so fast”. Alexandra, who was Steve McDonald’s secret daughter, will film her exit scenes later this month and will officially leave in April.

How old is Tracy Barlow from Coronation Street?

The 45-year-old opened up to her Instagram followers last week, sharing a struggling selfie in her ITV filming jacket.

Which soap character has been married the most?

Shepherd) and has featured in some of the most controversial and high-profile storylines in the soap involving her family and her number of relationships — jointly with Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), she is the soap’s most married character, having been married six times.

Is Simon in Corrie married in real life?

Emma GleaveSimon Gregson / Spouse (m. 2010)

How much is Steve from Coronation Street worth?

How much is Simon Gregson worth? He is said to be worth an estimated £1million which is thanks to his long standing role on Coronation Street. According to reports, his salary is thought to be £150K a year.

What happened to Fiona’s baby Morgan in Coronation Street?

Fiona gave birth to a daughter Emma in May 1999. Fiona later met and married John Brooker. John became Morgan’s stepdad and baby Emma took John’s surname, becoming Emma Brooker. From a young age, Morgan knew John was not Emma’s real dad but went along with Fiona by pretending to Emma that he was.

How are Emma and Steve related in Corrie?

Emma Brooker is the daughter of Steve McDonald and Fiona Middleton, and half-sister of Amy Barlow. Emma arrived in Coronation Street in 2018 to work as an apprentice hairdresser at Audrey’s salon.

How many times was Tracy Barlow married?

Tracy Barlow

Husband Robert Preston (1996–2003) Roy Cropper (2003–2004) Steve McDonald (2012–2013, 2018–present)
Daughters Amy Barlow
Stepsons Oliver Battersby
Stepdaughters Emma Brooker

Which Corrie character has been married 6 times?

Gail has been married a total of six times to five husbands during the course of Coronation Street.

Who is the richest Coronation Street actor?

Jack P Shepherd who plays David Platt is reportedly the highest paid earner on the show. The Mirror reported in October 2018 that Jack had been awarded a bumper new contract worth £250,000.

How much does Kirk from Corrie earn?

The actor, who makes £100,000 a year playing Weatherfield favourite Kirk Sutherland, pockets up to £500 a day running market stalls. And his former on screen boss Steven Arnold – who portrayed Ashley Peacock in the ITV1 soap – has been helping him too; serving up mince, gammon and lamb shoulders.

What age is Simon in Coronation Street in real life?

In real life Alex is 20 years old. He was born in Blackburn on November 25 2001.

What nationality is Simon on Coronation Street?

Alex Bain (born 25 November 2001) is an English actor. He plays Simon Barlow in Coronation Street, a role he has played since 2008.

How much is Simon out of Coronation Street worth?

What’s his net worth? Simon is believed to have a net worth of around £1M. This is down to his role on Coronation Street. Simon’s salary for starring on the soap is believed to be £150K a year.