How many villages are there in Prakasam district?

How many villages are there in Prakasam district?

When it comes to villages, there are about 985 villages in prakasam district.

How many villages are in Ongole?

17 villages
There are about 17 villages in ongole mandal, which you can browse from ongole mandal villages list (along with gram panchayat information) below.

How many villages are there in Darsi mandal?

Darsi is a Town and Mandal in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Total number of villages in this Mandal is 38.

What are the mandals in Prakasam district?

Mandals in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh

# Mandal District
4 Kandukur Prakasam
5 Kanigiri Prakasam
6 Addanki Prakasam
7 Darsi Prakasam

How many villages are there in AP?

Sl. No. District No. of Village Panchayats
20. Warangal 1014
21. West Godavari 888
22. Y.S.R. 800
TOTAL 21843

How many Grama Panchayat are there in AP?

The state of Andhra Pradesh has a total of 31 nagar panchayats. Prakasam district has the most nagar panchayats of six.

Is Ongole a village?

The total population of Ongole Mandal is 253,122 out of which urban population is 204,746 while rural is 48,376. As per Census 2011, total families in Ongole were 51,768….List of Villages in Ongole Mandal.

# 3
Village Devaram Padu
Population 6,366
Literacy 58.18%
Sex Ratio 984

What is darsi famous for?

Darsi, an exquisite travel destination offers magnificent & splendor places to experience the surreal beauty of nature. Experience beautiful climate, nature’s beauty, outstanding landscapes, and striking views in Darsi and that will hold you spellbound.

Which district is Ongole?

Prakasam District
Situated in the south-eastern India, Prakasam is an administrative district in Andhra Pradesh. The district headquarters are located at Ongole. It is one of the nine coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

How many mandals are there in Prakasam?

38 Mandals. ‘1’ Municipal Corporation i.e., Ongole, ‘1’ Municipality i.e., Markapur and ‘5’ Nagarapanchayats Chimakurthy, Giddalur, Podili, Darsi and Kanigiri in the District.

Which is the best village in Andhra Pradesh?

Tellapur gram panchayat in the Sangreddy district of Telangana holds the top spot at the podium as the best village in the country.

How many panchayats are there in Prakasam district?

Thus, a total of 38 mandals besides 1 Municipal Corporation, 1 Municipality, 5 Nagara Panchayats and 715 Gram Panchayats are existing in the district. ‘750’ Inhabited Revenue villages are existing in the district. They have been constituted into 734 Gram Panchayats.

How many mandals are there in Prakasam district?

Prakasam Mandals List. Mandal is the local administrative division mostly a town or city, Below is the Prakasam District Mandals list in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Mandal can be considered as sub-districts, As on the last 2011 census, Prakasam is divided into 56 Mandals.

Who is the MLA of Ongole?

Ongole (Assembly constituency)

Reservation General
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Balineni Srinivasa Reddy
Party YSR Congress Party

Who is the MP of Ongole?

Ongole (Lok Sabha constituency)

Lok Sabha Constituency
Incumbent Magunta Sreenivasulu Reddy
Parliamentary Party Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party
Elected Year 2019

Who is Collector of Prakasam district?

A S Dinesh Kumar.
1.Key Officials

Name Designation Address
1. Sri A S Dinesh Kumar.,I.A.S Collector and District Magistrate Prakasam Bhawan , Collector Office , 1st Floor , Ongole
2.Sri M Abhishikth Kishore.,I.A.S Joint Collector & Addl. District Magistrate Prakasam Bhawan , Collector Office , 1st Floor , Ongole