How much are the original Star Wars toys worth?

How much are the original Star Wars toys worth?

The average retail value for a common Star Wars action figure is $2 to $5. The average loose vintage figure is worth $10 to $20. Sealed Star Wars action figures produced between 1977 and 1985 are worth between $100 and $200, but some are worth up to $1,000, $10,000 or more.

Who was in R2-D2?

Kenny Baker, at 3 feet, 8 inches (112 cm) tall, was a circus and cabaret performer with entertainer Jack Purvis when George Lucas hired him to be the man inside R2-D2 in Star Wars in 1977.

Where is the original R2-D2 kept?

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, set approximately 30 years after Return of the Jedi, R2-D2 is revealed to be kept in storage at the Resistance base on the planet D’Qar, having put himself in a low-power mode after Luke Skywalker’s disappearance.

Where is the original R2-D2 prop?

In six of the Star Wars films, R2-D2 was operated by actor Kenny Baker, who died in August of 2016 at age 81. The R2-D2 prop, which is currently stored in the U.K., is measured at 43 inches tall.

What are the most valuable Star Wars figurines?

The rarest Star Wars collectibles this side of the galaxy

  • LEGO Chrome-Plated C-3PO minifig. Photo: eBay/brickohaulic.
  • LEGO Millennium Falcon.
  • Star Wars Jawa.
  • Star Wars Small Head Han Solo.
  • Star Wars 1977 Comic 35-Cent Variant.
  • Special Action Figure Sets – Bespin.
  • Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker.
  • Vlix Action Figure.

Is R2-D2 an actor in a costume?

Whenever you see R2 on screen with his third leg extended as he moves across the ground, that’s R2 as a remote-controlled prop, not a costume.”

How many R2-D2 are there?

There were a total of 15 R2-D2s on the set of Attack of the Clones. Eight were radio-controlled; two were worn by Baker; the remainder were stunt models that could be moved by puppet strings or towed by wires. The robotic R2-D2’s were prone to failure, particularly while shooting the Tatooine scenes in Tunisia.

Who owned R2-D2 first?

When we first see R2D2 (in The Phantom Menace), he is one of several robots aboard Queen Amidala’s space cruiser fleeing Naboo for Tatooine. He clearly belongs to Padme.

How did they make the original R2-D2?

The two physical configurations were the two-legged droids operated by actor Kenny Baker, and the three-legged motorized remote-control droids for the rolling-around scenes. This early scene from Star Wars shows both modes. Two separate props were used – they just cut between the scenes and swapped the robots out.

How much is the original C-3PO worth?

We know that C-3PO is a golden droid, but this tiny figurine released in 2007 is actually 14K gold! While it’s not quite worth its weight in the precious metal, it’ll still set you back $10,000.

How much is a 1977 Luke Skywalker action figure worth?

Other items in group

Name Current Price Type
1977 Star Wars – Luke Skywalker 12 back vintage Kenner figure carded AFA ready $4500.00 Buy it now
1978 Star Wars Luke Skywalker Figure 20 Back Cardback MOC Sealed Boba Fett Offer $1999.78 Buy it now
Vintage 1977 Kenner Star Wars Luke Skywalker Action figure 12 Back $649.95 Buy it now

How many original Star Wars action figures are there?

Kenner Star Wars action figures are a line of over 100 unique toys, produced and sold from 1978 to 1985, among a total of more than 300 million Star Wars action figures sold then….Kenner Star Wars action figures.

The Star Wars “Early Bird Certificate” toy line from a 1977 Kenner catalog
Type action figures
Availability 1978–
Materials plastic