How much did Dreyfus buy Sunderland for?

How much did Dreyfus buy Sunderland for?

Around £11m was still outstanding at the point Louis-Dreyfus bought into the club 12 months ago and more has been repaid since by Donald, Methven, and Sartori.

Who bought Sunderland AFC?

Kyril Louis-Dreyfus
In February 2021 the club confirmed that a deal had been reached for Kyril Louis-Dreyfus – son of French billionaire Robert Louis-Dreyfus – to acquire ‘a controlling interest’ in the club.

How much did Stewart Donald sell Sunderland for?

Sign up to our Sunderland AFC newsletter “Stewart Donald came up with this strange price of £37.6million, that was his asking price – which seemed a bit weird,” he said, speaking to the Price of Football Podcast.

How did Stewart Donald buy Sunderland?

In April 2018, Donald was chosen to be the leader of a consortium offering to purchase Sunderland, who were put up for sale by billionaire owner Ellis Short after a second successive relegation to League One. He agreed to sell Eastleigh so that he could own Sunderland.

How much are Sunderland in debt?

As at 31 July 2019, Sunderland AFC was still owed around £2.4m from its owners even after that debt write-off. Roll on twelve months and that figure has plunged to £67k, by way of cash injections, primarily from Stewart Donald.

How rich is Sunderland owner?

When Louis-Dreyfus, the son of Margarita and the late Robert Louis-Dreyfus, purchased a majority stake in Sunderland 12 months ago, some reports suggested he had a trust fund worth in excess of $2billion.

How much is Sunderland worth?

Donald and Methven have said they are prepared to sell their combined 39 per cent shareholding for £11.7million, equating to a club valuation of £30 million. Yet if Sunderland were to win promotion to the Championship the club’s value would also increase. Bet £10 & Get £50 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365.

How much is Dreyfus family worth?

His net worth was estimated at $3.4 billion by Forbes in 2006. He was the chairman of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services and the great grandson of Léopold Louis-Dreyfus, founder of Louis Dreyfus Group….

Gérard Louis-Dreyfus
Children 4, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Parent(s) Pierre Louis-Dreyfus Dolores Porges (née Neubauer)

Do Sunderland own their stadium?

As well as hosting Sunderland games, the stadium has hosted three matches for the England national football team, as well as an England under-20, an England under-21 and an England women’s team match….Stadium of Light.

Owner Sunderland A.F.C.
Capacity 49,000 – Association Football 55,000 – Music concerts