How much do the top personal trainers make?

How much do the top personal trainers make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for personal trainers in 2020 was $40,510, which means half earned more than that amount and half earned less. The low 10 percent of those personal trainers earned less than $21,640 while the top 10 percent earned more than $76,550.

Where do personal trainers get paid the most?

Detailed List Of Personal Trainer Salaries By State

Rank State Average Wage
1 Texas $42,790
2 New York $61,660
3 Illinois $43,960
4 Washington $47,600

How much does a sweat trainer make?

How much does a Personal Trainer at Sweat Fitness make? The typical Sweat Fitness Personal Trainer salary is $19. Personal Trainer salaries at Sweat Fitness can range from $17 – $53.

How much does Kayla Itsines make?

Kayla Itsines’ annual income is $10 million.

Is it hard to make a living as a personal trainer?

Yes, making good money as a personal trainer is very viable. Even entry-level personal trainers can make upwards of $25 an hour, and easily up to $100 an hour if they are experienced.

What happened with Tobi Pearce and Kayla Itsines?

At the time of their separation, Kayla said in a statement she and Tobi would remain friends and business partners. ‘After eight years together, Tobi and I have come to the difficult decision to separate as a couple. We will always be family, and remain good friends and devoted parents to [daughter] Arna,’ she said.

How much did Kayla Itsines sell her company for?

$400 million
Fitness app Sweat was founded by Kayla Itsines and Tobi Pearce in 2015, and has gone from humble beginnings to one of Adelaide’s biggest success stories, making headlines this week by selling to US software company iFIT for $400 million.

Why is Kayla Itsines worth so much?

The major source of her income comes from her fitness app Sweat with Kayla, in which she earns more revenue than any other fitness app.

How can a personal trainer get rich?

Increase your earning potential as a Personal Trainer with these top money making ideas

  1. Sell Membership Models. Most of the time, 10- and 20-pack sessions aren’t bringing enough money.
  2. Offer In-Home Personal Training.
  3. Host Boot Camps.
  4. Provide Personalized Workouts and Meal Plans.

How much do gym trainers get paid?

Now, let’s compare the above salary of a gym trainer to that of a private personal trainer. The average private personal trainer in the U.S. charges around $50 session. Let’s say this trainer works a total of 30 hours per week and making $1,500 in that time.

How much do 24-Hour Fitness Personal Trainers make?

For example, a 24-Hour Fitness trainer in their middle tier (PT3) makes $13 an hour when training. If you compare a potential salary of an entry-level trainer at 24-Hour Fitness, $22,440/year, to that of a Master Trainer at 24-Hour Fitness, $58,464, and split it down the middle (which is more or less where a PT3 would be), you’d get $40,452.

How to make money as a personal trainer?

There are numerous ways to make money as a personal trainer, but unquestionably the most common way is to start working at a gym. When people first consider becoming a trainer they begin to think about the major gyms and how much they pay.

Which personal trainer certification is right for You?

In addition to understanding which gym to kickstart your career, you’ll still want to have an understanding of which personal trainer certification is right for you. Amongst the three most popular certifications are Fitness Mentors , NASM and ACE, of which we cover side-by-side in this in-depth blog post .