How much does a 15 foot Boston Whaler way?

How much does a 15 foot Boston Whaler way?

950 lbs.

Length Overall 15′ 5” / 4.70 m
Dry Weight 950 lbs. 431 kg
Tested Weight 1,672 lbs. 758 kg
Draft 9” 0.23 m
Deadrise/Transom 16 deg.

Do Boston Whalers hold their value?

Safety, simplicity, versatility, practicality, and quality were trademarks of these boats. Sadly, these boats are no longer built, but fortunately, they make some of the best-used boats ever. Classic Boston Whalers also hold their value better than any boat on the market.

Are Boston Whalers unsinkable?

Due to the foam core construction, the Whaler will remain afloat when sawed completely in half. Boston Whaler boats also remain afloat when completely swamped (full of water). Because of these attributes, Boston Whaler’s trademarked sales line is “the unsinkable legend.”

How many people can fit on a 15 Boston Whaler?

5-6 adults
Their 15 Foot Boston Whaler is TINY for 5-6 adults!

What determines boat capacity?

If your boat does not have a capacity plate, the U.S. Coast Guard recommends the following formula for calculating maximum occupancy: multiply the boat’s length times its width and divide by 15. For example, a 6-foot wide, 18-foot boat can carry up to seven people safely.

Does boat weight include motor?

Dry weight is the weight of the boat without engines, fuel, water, or any other items included. Weight without engines is the same thing. Most manufacturers always give the weight of just the boat-no engines, gear, or liquids.

How much does a 16 ft Boston Whaler weight?

Description. In 1961 the “16-foot” hull was introduced in the Whaler line, with a 16′ 7″ length-overall and a 6′ 2″ beam. This hull weighed approxmately 500 pounds and was similar in its lines to the the original 13-foot hull.

How wide is a 15 foot Boston Whaler?


Base price $19,469 (USD)
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 4.7 m (15′5″)
Beam 2.0 m (6′6″)

Is Boston Whaler unsinkable?

An unsinkable hull plus brilliant design and advanced technology equals the most trusted boat on the water. Yes, you can cut a Boston Whaler in two and drive away in the half with the engine. But unsinkability means more than just the unmatched safety of Unibond™ hull construction.

How much is a 2020 Boston Whaler?

New Boston Whaler boats, $10,000 – $60,000 – Boat technical specs and model comparison – The Boat Guide.

How fast is a Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport?

31 mph
With the 40-hp Mercury 4-stroke motor turning an aluminum 10.1” x 14” (25.6 x 35.5) four-blade Spitfire propeller and wound up to 6130 rpm, we recorded a top speed of 31 mph (49.9 kph) in light chop with the wind of the optional Bimini top in its boot, probably costing us 1 or 2 miles per hour in top speed.

Are Boston Whalers a good boat?

During the ’80s, Boston Whaler made some of the best boats ever. Safety, simplicity, versatility, practicality, and quality were trademarks of these boats. Sadly, these boats are no longer built, but fortunately, they make some of the best-used boats ever.

How much is a 2021 Boston Whaler?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $124,394 (with Mercury 250 V-8 DTS)
LOA: 24′2″
Beam: 8′6″
Draft (max): 1′6″
Displacement (approx.): 4,360 lb.

How much does a 2021 Boston Whaler cost?

How much is a new Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport?

Meet the new 130 Super Sport®, redesigned from the keel up in 2019. With its shallow draft, nimble performance and unsinkable safety, you can explore even the skinniest waterways with total confidence….Compare.

Base price $15,697 (USD)
Max hp 40 hp
Base engine Mercury FourStrokes 40 EFI
Drive / Propulsion Outboard

How much does a Boston Whaler 170 Montauk cost?

$34,000 to $45,000
The 2018 170 Montauk is an instant winner that stands true to its heritage as a safe, unsinkable little boat that loves the full range of Chesapeake-appropriate assignments. List prices range from $34,000 to $45,000 with trailer, depending on power and other options.

What is a Boston Whaler 15?

A powerboat built by Boston Whaler, the 15 is a center console vessel. Boston Whaler 15 boats are typically used for day-cruising, freshwater-fishing and saltwater-fishing. Got a specific Boston Whaler 15 in mind? There are currently 9 listings available on Boat Trader by both private sellers and professional boat dealers.

How many hours does a Boston Whaler Super Sport have?

Boat is in absolutely outstanding condition No Disappointments 2016 boston Whaler super sport 13.6 Full service and new prop. 109 total hours.No bottom paint. Fresh water only. Minn Kota, foot pedal, fishing seat with pedestal.Rear pedestal seat. They interchange from front

Is there a 2011 Boston Whaler Super Sport for sale?

Up for sale is a 2011 Boston Whaler 15′ Super Sport. I purchased this boat in July 2014 and had it out 2 times. I purchased it from a lady whose husband had bought it and customized it with a lot of nice features. Unfortunately, shortly after purchasing the boat he became ill and was unable to use it. It is in fantastic shape.

What kind of engine does a Boston Whaler 150 Sport have?

2008 Boston Whaler 150 Sport, with 60 HP Mercury 4 stroke outboard and Karavan Galvanized trailer. This boat is stored in my garage and is in excellent condition.