How much does a field engineer at Schlumberger make?

How much does a field engineer at Schlumberger make?

The typical Schlumberger Field Engineer salary is $81,225 per year. Field Engineer salaries at Schlumberger can range from $29,969 – $139,260 per year.

How much does an engineer for the Department of Defense make?

How much does a Engineer at US Department of Defense make? The typical US Department of Defense Engineer salary is $93,625 per year. Engineer salaries at US Department of Defense can range from $70,000 – $145,000 per year.

Who is the highest paid employee at the DOD?

Just In… The Pentagon is shelling out millions of dollars — to coach football. Three college football coaches are currently the highest-paid employees on the Defense Department’s payroll: Army football coach Rich Ellerson, Navy football coach Ken Niumatalolo and Air Force coach Troy Calhoun.

What do DOD engineers do?

Military and civilian engineers share a unique mission within the Defense Department – to advance cutting-edge engineering technology, systems and practices in specializations that range from cyber and space to hypersonics and quantum science and more, all in support of the warfighter..

How much do oil rig engineers make?

Reservoir engineers and drilling engineers are paid approximately $73,000 to $184,000 a year.

Is being a field engineer hard?

The life of a field engineer is not an easy one. They are occasionally required to work irregular hours and long days that can result in stress. Also, it can be hard for them to separate work life from their actual life, especially if the job requires them to answer calls anytime.

Are DoD salaries public?

In addition to names and occupations, salary information of individual government employees is considered public information.

What makes a good field engineer?

Field service engineers need to have extensive knowledge of hardware, software and machines. Their interpersonal skills and communication skills also need to be strong, as they offer customer service and technical support to clients and may need to work in teams.

What does a field engineer do at Schlumberger?

As a Field Engineer, you’ll be involved in every part of our business. From helping acquire essential data to planning long-term well development, you’ll organize, run, and report operations in the field environment and assist specialists and other Engineers with key decisions.

Is field engineer a good job?

Yes, “field engineer” is a good job. Many have reported having a great work-life balance and only working 40 hours a week on average. Some field engineers have also reported excellent job security as the position continues to grow in confidence across multiple industries.

Is a field service engineer a real engineer?

A field service engineer is an engineering professional that holds technical knowledge as well as managerial knowledge. A field engineer has the required education and professional training to perform repair, maintenance, and installation tasks.

How long is Schlumberger training?

When you join Schlumberger as a trainee, you’ll initially follow a structured development program which lasts around three years. No matter what your background, we ensure you have the right training to develop quickly and advance in your role.

Is field engineer hard?

Do field engineers travel a lot?

You will find some field engineers who are open to travel for days for an assignment, while there are others who prefer a standard daily schedule. A self-employed engineer can decide his own timings. While a field engineer might require a team for certain assignments, on the whole, they work alone.

Do field engineers travel?

Is Schlumberger a good company to work for?

Allows employees to grow and learn not just their jobs, but the whole company’s goals. It has less controversies compared to competitors.

Should I work for Schlumberger?

Schlumberger is respected in its industry because of its commitment to safety, focus on technology, and the unwavering development of its people to ensure it delivers solutions to the most complex technical challenges. Joining Schlumberger provides the chance to work on projects that will transform how work is done.

Is field engineer a good career?

Is a field engineer an engineer?

Field engineers are engineering professionals who work mostly on site in different settings (e.g. construction sites, factories). They spend only a small percentage of their time at an office.

Does Schlumberger pay good?

While the average employee salary at Schlumberger is $58,092, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. Some of the positions that earn high wages at Schlumberger include Mud Logger, Cell Leader, Geophysicist, and Senior Consultant. A typical Mud Logger salary at Schlumberger is $112,114 per year.