How much does a Proton cost in Malaysia?

How much does a Proton cost in Malaysia?

Proton sells 6 cars in Malaysia. These include 2 Sedan, 2 SUV, 1 Hatchback and 1 MPV. The Saga is the lowest priced Proton model at RM 34,400 and the highest priced model is the X70 at RM 121,800 ….Proton Malaysia Price List 2022.

Proton Models Price List
Proton X50 RM 79,200 – 103,300
Proton Saga RM 34,400 – 44,300

Is Proton owned by Toyota?

Proton was originally owned in majority by HICOM, with minority stakes being held by Mitsubishi Group members. By 2005, Mitsubishi had divested their stake in Proton to Khazanah Nasional, and in 2012, Proton was fully acquired by DRB-HICOM….Proton Holdings.

Type Joint venture

How much does Proton Saga cost?

3rd Generation Proton Saga model variants includes 1.3L Standard MT, 1.3L Standard AT, 1.3L Ace AT. 3rd Generation 2021-2022 new car minimum price starts from 2349000 Rs. while maximum price goes till 2619000 Rs.

Is Proton X70 7 seater?

Proton x70 7 seater o User Reviews As a five-seater SUV, it feels even larger than some seven-seater SUVs. And people may think the Proton X70 is quite premium and expensive from its large dimensions outside. It is big outside, but it is quite compact for its rear seats.

Who made Proton car?

Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (Proton) was established in May 1983 through a joint-venture between HICOM and Mitsubishi Motors. Proton produced its first car, the Saga in July 1985, and its first indigenously designed car, the Waja in May 2000.

Is Proton X70 automatic?

Proton X70 Specifications & Features X70 is available with Automatic transmission.

Does Proton X70 have sunroof?

Yes, Proton X70 is available in Sunroof. The available Sunroof variants are: 2020 Proton X70 1.8 Standard 2WD, 2020 Proton X70 1.8 Executive 2WD, 2020 Proton X70 1.8 Premium 2WD, 2020 Proton X70 1.8 Premium X 2WD, 2018 Proton X70 1.8 TGDI Premium 2WD, 2018 Proton X70 1.8 TGDI Executive 2WD.

What country is Proton from?

Proton actually comes from PeRusahaan OTOmobil Nasional which roughly translates to National Automobile Enterprise in Malaysian. That’s right, Proton is a Malaysian car manufacturer which first started out in 1983, following the wishes of former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

What type of car is a proton?

The Proton Gen-2 is a compact 5-door hatchback manufactured by Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton which launched in 2004. It was initially codenamed Wira Replacement Model. The Gen-2 uses a platform which was extensively developed in-house by Proton and technical partner Lotus.