How much does a Proton Persona cost?

How much does a Proton Persona cost?

The 2021 – 2022 Proton Persona is offered in 3 variants – which are priced from RM 45,200 to RM 54,900, the base model of Persona is 2021 Proton Persona 1.6 Standard CVT which is at a price of RM 45,200 and the top variant of Proton Persona is 2021 Proton Persona 1.6 Premium CVT which is offered at a price of RM 54,900 …

Is persona a good car?

Verdict: 7/10. One of Proton’s most comprehensive facelift efforts to date. List of new tech is impressive but execution could use a bit more polish. Still an incredibly practical sedan backed by a decent drive for the money, even if it’s a little rough around the edges.

Is it worth to buy Proton Persona?

Are proton cars safe?

KUALA LUMPUR: Proton has just launched the updated versions of its two popular models – Iriz and Persona, and now here come their safety ratings. The New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP) has tested the new Proton Persona and Iriz and awarded them a perfect 5-star rating.

What is the best second hand car in Malaysia?

Worried about Depreciation? Here Are the Cars with the Best Resale Value in Malaysia

  • 2017 Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance.
  • 2017 Honda Civic 1.5 TC-P.
  • 2017 Honda City 1.5 V.
  • 2017 Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V.
  • 2017 Toyota Vios 1.5 G.

How fast is Proton Persona?

170 km/h

Manufacturer’s claims
Engine 1.6 L VVT S4PH
Maximum Speed (km/h) 170 km/h
Acceleration 0–100 km/h (sec) 10.9 (CVT)
Fuel tank capacity (litres) 40

Does Proton Persona have cruise control?

No, Proton Persona doesn’t have Cruise Control.

What is a Proton Persona?

The Proton Persona is a series of compact and subcompact cars produced by Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton.

Does Proton Persona have reverse camera?

There is also the reverse camera as well as rear and front parking sensors on offer. Out of these, only the curtain airbags, reverse camera, front sensors and side airbags are optional. In ASEAN NCAP tests, the Proton Persona has scored four star rating.

Is Proton Persona engine good?

Its slightly more comfortable here, as the exhaust drone that’s apparent in the Iriz isn’t too noticeable in the Persona….2022 Proton Persona Premium: Ride Comfort – 36/50, Excellent suspension.

2022 Proton Persona Premium – Ride Comfort Breakdown
Engine Refinement 6 / 10

Is Proton Persona fuel consumption?

The fuel consumption of the Proton Persona is 6.6L/100km (the most fuel-efficient), and the highest fuel consumption is 8.1L/100km.

Is Proton Persona a good buy?

2022 Proton Persona Premium: Quality and Features – 27/50, Could be better. Besides the slightly improved looks, the Persona also gains the X70’s Space Gray. It’s a colour that makes the Persona look rather upmarket, particularly when combined with the tasteful brown and black interior.

Is Persona CVT good?

Are protons good cars?

“The Proton is a budget car and some people might be surprised to learn it is more reliable than a Mercedes-Benz,” he added. The survey of 28,000 CA members also asked drivers if they would recommend their car to a friend.