How much does a TB-303 cost?

How much does a TB-303 cost?

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This item Roland TB-03 Bass Line Boutique Synthesizer Roland Rhythm Composer, 10 Outputs (TR-08)
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What is the best TB-303 clone?

The 8 best TB-303 clones according to the artists who use them

  • Posthuman: Cyclone Analogic TT303.
  • Tristan Grace – Devon Analogue Studios: 303 Devil Fish Mod.
  • Dylab: DINSync RE-303.
  • Lauren Flax & DJ Beyun: Roland TB-03.
  • Jozef K: Audiorealism ABL-3 VST.
  • Boxia: Future Retro Revolution.
  • Bloody Mary: Mode Machines x0xb0x.

What does TB-303 stand for?

Transistor Bass
THE. SOUND. The TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer was the result—the TB standing for Transistor Bass. It was a monosynth: meaning that it only made one sound at a time, compared to a piano which plays several notes simultaneously if you press several keys at once.

What artist used the TB-303?

Although Indian producer Charanjit Singh was the first to utilize the TB-303 in producing electronic music, ‘Acid Tracks’ by the Chicago trio known as Phuture has been cited as the first acid house tune.

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When did the Roland 303 come out?

The Roland TB-303 Bass Line (also known as the 303) is a bass synthesizer released by Roland Corporation in 1981. Designed to simulate bass guitars, it was a commercial failure and was discontinued in 1984.

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What artist uses TB-303?

Daft Punk – ‘Da Funk’ As far as the use of the TB-303 goes in electronic music after its acid glory days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a line cited more than Daft Punk’s 1995 debut single ‘Da Funk’.

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