How much does housing cost in Amsterdam?

How much does housing cost in Amsterdam?

According to the study, Amsterdam is the sixth most expensive city in Europe when it comes to housing. Using figures from March 2021, Amsterdam is listed as having an average house price of 407.404 euros, with an average price per square metre of 7.527 euros in the city centre.

Is it hard to find housing in Amsterdam?

Finding a flat/apartment or house to rent in Amsterdam can be a serious challenge for expats and new residents. There is a significant housing shortage in the city – particularly in central areas – and the market is skewed by rent controlled public housing and a few unscrupulous landlords and agents.

How much rent can I afford Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, you should expect to spend about 2,600 euros a month if you are a single person renting a studio, and want to live comfortably. You should expect to spend about 2,800 a month if you’re a single person renting a one bedroom. If you’re single and sharing a room, that drops down to about 2,300 a month.

What is a good salary to live in Amsterdam?

To live comfortably in Amsterdam, a gross salary of around 40,000 EUR is recommended. That translates to 2,567 EUR net per month.

Why is it so hard to rent in Amsterdam?

There is a very long waiting list for apartments in Amsterdam (7-16 years…). There also is a lottery, but it also requires meeting the income requirements. (There is an exception for refugees.) If you are an expat, you cannot live in social housing without applying through the government and meeting all the conditions.

Does Amsterdam have affordable housing?

Over recent years, the city’s population has grown by 11,000 Amsterdammers per year. To maintain a balance within the population and ensure that people on a low income are also able to live in the city, the City of Amsterdam has taken action. This is based on providing sufficient, affordable and sustainable housing.