How much does it cost to get a comic graded?

How much does it cost to get a comic graded?

Before submitting comics, you’ll have to become a CGC member, which costs $25 a year for the cheapest option. The standard fee for grading one comic book is $75. There are also shipping fees to think about. All in all, you’ll probably pay a little over $100 to get your comic book graded.

What is the highest grade for a comic book?

Each comic book receives a numerical grade of 0.5 to 10 as well as a designation related to the page quality of the comic. It’s worth noting that for many books (save for the most modern) the highest grade in existence is often a 9.8, with 9.9s and 10s for older books exceedingly rare.

What are the grades for comic books?

Comic book grading is based on a score out of 10:

  • 0-1.5 = poor to good minus.
  • 2.0-3.5 = fair to very good minus.
  • 4.0-5.5 = very good to fine minus.
  • 6.0-7.5 = fine to very fine minus.
  • 8.0 = very fine.
  • 8.5 = very fine plus.
  • 9.0 = very fine/near mint.
  • 9.2 = near mint minus.

How can I grade my comics myself?

To grade a comic book, start by examining the cover through a magnifying glass for things like folds or fingerprints. Then, check the spine for small tears or folds, or spine break, which is a tear near the staples. Once you’ve finished checking the cover, count the pages of the comic to make sure none are missing.

What does FN mean in comics?

FN (Fine) A nice collectable copy, that may show a few signs of wear.

Are CGC cards worth less PSA?

SGC’s card grading services are slightly cheaper than PSA and begin at $10 for cards that are worth less than $250. They also have higher-priced submissions that are based on the declared card value and turnaround time. Their Express service is priced at $15 with 15 business days as a turnaround time.

Who can grade my comics?

While CGC is the most popular company that grades and certifies comic books, there are two other companies that offer this service as well.

  • CBCS – Comic Book Certification Service.
  • PGX – Professional Grading Experts.

What does 9.8 mean in comic book?

9.8 NEAR MINT/MINT (NM/MT): Back to Top. Nearly perfect in every way with only minor imperfections that keep it from the next higher grade. Only subtle bindery or printing defects are allowed. Cover is flat with no surface wear.

What is VG in comics?

Very Good (VG) condition A comic in VG condition shows some significant wear, but has not accumulated enough total defects to reduce eye appeal to the point that it is not a desirable copy. A VG copy may have an accumulation of minor defects or one or two major ones.

What does CGC purple mean?

Restored Label
Restored Label (Purple) This label is applied to any comic book that has evidence of repair so that it will appear as it did when it was in its original condition. Restoration can come in a variety of degrees, from slight professional restoration (A-1) to extensive amateur restoration (C-5).

Is it hard to get a PSA 10?

You get a card with like a black border or a red border, it’s very hard to get a PSA 10 on that because you can easily see the white chipping on the cardboard. Again, I like cards with borders like this because I can easily tell if they are centered.