How much does it cost to go skiing at Mount Holly?

How much does it cost to go skiing at Mount Holly?

Group Rate Specials

Weekdays Lift Ticket $45
Weekend and Holidays Lift Ticket $55
Rental Ski or Snowboard $37

How much is a season pass at Mount Holly?

Rules: NO REFUNDS – ALL SALES FINAL! NO lift tickets will be available without additional charge, so — do not leave your pass at home! $50 replacement fee for lost or stolen pass….

Pass Type Price
2021-2022 Season Pass (Ages 13-64) $660.00
2021-2022 Senior Season Pass (Ages 65+) $602.00

Is Mount Holly open?

Mt Holly Ski Resort is at Mt Holly Ski Resort. We’re 100% open and 100% ready for you to join… More.

Is Mt Holly a real mountain?

Nestled in Groveland Township near Holly, Michigan, there’s no other ski area quite like Mt. Holly.

Is Mount Holly or Pine Knob bigger?

Pine Knob is a bit shorter and smaller then it’s slightly more north cousin Mt Holly.

Does Mt Holly have lockers?

Locker space is limited and not guaranteed to be available. Hand sanitizer stations will be readily available in common areas. Staff will regularly clean and disinfect high touch surfaces and common areas. We appreciate your patience with expected changes made due to Covid-19 regulations.

Was Mount Holly in Michigan a landfill?

Mount Holly is a landfill that was converted into a ski resort.

Does Mt Holly make snow?

Our Snow Report for Mt Holly brings daily updates on the snow conditions, snow depths, piste and offpiste conditions and the number of open ski lifts….Resort report:

Piste conditions: Tell us
Next snowfall: No snow is forecast
Next significant snowfall: No significant snow is forecast
Lifts open:
Resort runs:

When was Mt Holly built?

In the 1950s, Bloomfield Hills building contractor Morton Graddis suggested creating a ski area in northern Oakland County. The pair opened Mt. Holly in 1956 to earn some extra cash. But when their building business began to struggle a few years later, maintaining Mt.

What is the highest ski hill in Michigan?

Ski Brule
If you are looking for the steepest ski hill in Michigan, Ski Brule is the highest ski resort in Michigan. It is 565m and has the highest ski slope and ski lift in Michigan.

Does Mt Holly rent boots?

Luckily, rentals for skis, snowboards, boots, and poles are available at Mt. Holly.

Who owns Mt Holly Michigan?

Wisconsin Resorts
Yesterday, Alpine Valley officially joined Pine Knob and Mount Holly as part of Wisconsin Resorts (WR), a mini-conglomerate that now owns six ski areas – Bittersweet in Michigan; Searchmont, just across Michigan’s northern border with Canada; and, uh, Alpine Valley in Wisconsin are the other three.

Was Pine Knob Ski Hill a landfill?

it was most certainly a landfill back in the day. Being 30 is far from being a kid… before your little fingers start typing away why don’t you check your self. I grew up riding a landfill in southeastern MI called pine knob. It’s probably the tallest landfill in SE MI.

Can I learn to snowboard at 40?

As long as you don’t have a debilitating health condition and are in decent shape, you can certainly learn how to snowboard past the 40 year mark. Older snowboarders have the benefit of being more sensible than children and have a better understanding of their limits.