How much does it cost to go to LEGOLAND San Diego?

How much does it cost to go to LEGOLAND San Diego?

Typical costs: A one-day pass to Legoland costs $80 for an adult or $70 for a child 2-12 years old or seniors older than 60. A family of four can expect to pay about $300 for tickets purchased online; walk-up pricing is slightly higher.

What is the best time of year to visit Legoland California?

The best time to visit Legoland California is during spring when the temperature is perfect for the kids to enjoy without the weather irritating them or falling sick. If your kids can take the leisure of taking a break from their school, then the school year is the best time to visit since the crowd will also be less.

How much does it cost to go to Legoland California?

Your price will vary depending on the day you select your reservation. LEGOLAND park only admission: Starts at $89.99/ages 3–12 and $95.99/ages 13+. LEGOLAND + SEA LIFE Hopper: Starts at $99.99/ages 3–12 and $105.99/ages 13+. LEGOLAND + Water Park Hopper: Starts at $119.99/ages 3–12 and $125.99/ages 13+.

What age is free at LEGOLAND California?

2 and under
Children aged 2 and under will not be charged a ticket for entry into LEGOLAND California. A child aged 3 years or over will need to purchase a ticket for entry.

Do you need 2 days at LEGOLAND?

Two full days will be ideal: one day at Legoland and the second at the water park next door. over a year ago. One day in Legoland was fine for us, but we did not do any of the water rides and it was off season, so short lines.

What age should you go to LEGOLAND?

If there was a prime age for LEGOLAND, the 6 – 9 age group would likely fit the bill. There are almost no height requirements that they won’t reach, and there is so much to do. The Dragon Coaster – The Dragon Coaster is a perfect intro roller coaster for kids, and is legitimately fun.

How much is the waterpark in LEGOLAND?

$25.00 per adult
Admission to the LEGOLAND Water Park is $25.00 per adult/child/senior. Admission to LEGOLAND Water Park is available only with admission to LEGOLAND Florida.