How much does it cost to replace upper and lower ball joints on a truck?

How much does it cost to replace upper and lower ball joints on a truck?

In general, ball joints are inexpensive with a range between $20 to $80 each. Labor will vary greatly by model. Some vehicles cost as low as $60 to $80. Yet others, especially four-wheel drive trucks, can range from $160 to $200 per ball joint.

How many ball joints does a Chevy truck have?

We talked to the experts, and this is what we found out. Most trucks have four ball joints; two load-carrying and two follower ball joints.

How much does it cost to replace a ball joint in a Chevy truck?

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Suspension Ball Joint Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 suspension ball joint replacement is between $200 and $253. Labor costs are estimated between $200 and $253.

How hard is it to replace ball joints on a truck?

Ball joint replacement is not straightforward, as they can be very tricky to access and install – especially with age and rust. On some cars, the ball joint is integrated into the control arm. If you’re not familiar with the suspension and wheel assembly, it’s best to visit a garage for a professional check.

Are ball joints hard to replace?

Do you replace ball joints in pairs?

Do ball joints have to be replaced in pairs? No, it’s not necessary, however, often when one ball joint is bad the other could be worn out too. In pickup trucks with double-arm front suspension, the upper and lower ball joints on one side are often replaced at the same time if the labor overlaps.

Should I do upper or lower ball joint first?

The lower ball joint usually takes the biggest hits and wears out first. Not only does it need to handle the load of the vehicle, but it also absorbs the shocks of potholes and other bone-jarring road hazards.

Should you grease new ball joints?

Ball joints allow you to steer smoothly and are constantly moving so throwing a little lubrication their way is a small favor for the big job that they do every day. The rule of thumb is to grease these parts every, or every other, oil change which might seem excessive, but again; little thanks, big job.

How much should ball joints cost to replace?

You might be surprised to learn that replacing a ball joint is not overly expensive. You can expect to pay around $300 in most cases, including both parts and labor. Most ball joints cost about $100 to $150, while the labor costs will run you $150 to $200.

Do AC Delco ball joints come pre greased?

A: It comes pre-greased. Also includes a grease fitting if you need to re-grease.