How much does it cost to ride the Indian Pacific train?

How much does it cost to ride the Indian Pacific train?


Fare Jun – July Jan – May, Aug, Nov & Dec
Advance Purchase $725 $895
Everyday $805 $995
Flexible $885 $1,095
Everyday $1,525 $1,705

Where does the Indian Pacific train start and finish?

What is the route of the Indian Pacific? The westbound route from Sydney to Perth stops at Broken Hill, Adelaide, Cook and Rawlinna before terminating in Perth. The westbound route from Perth to Sydney stops at Kalgoorlie, Rawlinna, Cook, Adelaide, Broken Hill, and the Blue Mountains before terminating in Sydney.

How much does it cost to take the train across Australia?

For three days and two nights, The Ghan travels between Adelaide and Darwin on one of the most fascinating luxury train journeys of the world….The Ghan.

AUD$ pp, pre-club discount Platinum Gold Twin
Double Everyday 4,395 2,996
Double Advanced n/a 2,695
Single Flexible 8,705 5,935
Single Everyday 7,915 5,395

Which is better Indian Pacific or The Ghan?

If you are looking for a trip which is mostly on the train, watching the world go by between meals – then the Indian Pacific is the one for you. If you are looking for less time on the train and more on some epic excursions, then The Ghan is the best bet.

How long is the Indian Pacific train trip?

Indian Pacific in numbers

Average length of train 774m (includes two locomotives and 30 carriages)
Average weight of train 1400 tonnes
Length of track 4,352km
Length of journey 65 hours Sydney to Perth – 4,352 km
Average speed of train 85km/hr (max speed 115km/hr)

Can you put your car on the Indian Pacific?

Passengers can take their cars between Adelaide & Perth on the Indian Pacific, see The IP has only run once a week since 2016, the extra summer departure that ran pre-2016 no longer runs.

Is The Ghan boring?

It was honestly the most boring journey ever. The off train trips, SHOCKING! On a trip to some highly strange town called Cooper pedy, the coach driver did not shut up for 2 seconds, not 2 seconds on an 8 hour coach trip, that’s pretty much all it was.

Does the Indian Pacific have TV?

Similarly appointed to Gold Service Twin Cabins, the Superior Cabin provides more space with a double bed, a bunk bed, and a private en suite. The Superior Cabin is also fitted with a table and two arm chairs, a TV and DVD player and the entire cabin is graced with grand views from its two windows.

Is there WiFi on the Indian Pacific?

Digital detox. On boarding I discovered that the Indian Pacific doesn’t have any WiFi and only limited internet access during stops at various settlements along the way.