How much does it cost to visit the ruins of Pompeii?

How much does it cost to visit the ruins of Pompeii?

Expect to spend 15 Euro to enter the Pompeii Ruins. To get the most out of your visit, prepare to spend about 4-5 hours exploring the ruins and rent an audio guide. If you hire a guide, confirm the language of the tour and specify the duration and cost of the tour beforehand.

Can you book a tour at Pompeii?

It’s best to book your tours online, in advance, to get your preferred date and time slot and avoid long entrance queues. The different options available are Pompeii guided tours and self-guided tours; you can also choose tours that include priority access and hotel transfers.

How long does a Pompeii tour take?

How long does it take to tour the ruins at Pompeii? The ruins of Pompeii cover 44 square hectares, and it would take at least two full days to tour the entire park. Realistically, you can see most of the highlights in 4 hours and longer visits can be very tiring, especially on a hot day.

How do I get to Pompeii on a budget?

If you’re travelling from Sorrento or one of the other resorts along the coast, the easiest and cheapest way to get to Pompeii is to take the Circumvesuviana local train to the ruins. From Sorrento the train takes between 25 and 30 minutes, which is almost certainly going to be quicker than driving or taking a taxi.

What can you buy in Pompeii Italy?

These souvenir shops sell everything from typical touristy items like Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius post cards, shirts, books, fridge magnets, shot glasses, mugs, cups, caps, sweaters, limoncello, fresh huge Sfusato lemons, books, paper weights and a lot more.

Can you go to Pompeii without a tour?

Short answer: no, you don’t. You can easily explore Pompeii on your own with the maps provided at the ticket office and with your phone. And there are plenty of signs around the site that tell you about the city. Plus, when you see a group following a tour guide, you realise you really don’t want to be part of that.

Do I have to wear a mask in Pompeii?

INFO FOR THE VISIT. From 1st April 2022, the possession of the green pass is no longer required to access the sites of the Pompeii Archaeological Park. From 1st May 2022we strongly recommend the use of a face mask. Entrance tickets can be purchased online at the website

Can you stay overnight in Pompeii?

Yes. I stayed in Modern Pompei for 10 nights and went to Pompeii ruins for 3 days in 2006. You can get a really early start on the ruins that way. We stayed at Villa dei Misteri Hotel near the Circumvesuviana stop.

What food is Pompeii famous for?

Vegetables were a staple in Pompeii, with cauliflower being a speciality. They often ate this raw as it was seen as a great remedy to halt a stomach ache while drinking. The fruit was used as an appetiser or dessert, with figs being the most popular. However, the main food dish that was used in poorer homes was bread.