How much does it cost to zipline in Oahu?

How much does it cost to zipline in Oahu?

Satisfy your taste for thrills with a high-flying Oahu zipline adventure you won’t soon forget! 3 hour guided zipline tour that includes Oahu’s longest ziplines ranging from 500 feet to nearly half a mile long….Oahu’s Longest Zipline with Ocean View.

Height: 150 Feet
Pricing: $179.00

Which Hawaiian island is best for ziplining?

Kauai. With some of the longest courses and most breathtaking views, ziplining in Kauai is a must during your trip. Many of the ziplining companies on the island offer other outdoor activities in packages with their ziplines.

Does Oahu have zipline?

World-class zipline tour on Oahu’s North Shore CLIMB Works Keana Farms is a 3-hour guided zipline tour that includes Oahu’s longest ziplines ranging from 500 feet to nearly half a mile long.

Is zip lining safe in Hawaii?

Zip lining is a safe, fun, thrilling way to see Hawaii’s rainforests — and it’s usually fine for those with a moderate fear of heights, too So, tap-into your inner Tarzan, and zip away!

Is ziplining in Oahu worth it?

Ziplining is great adrenaline for the entire family while enjoying a vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. Zipping above the treetops with Jurassic jungle views below is an amazing feeling and the reason why ziplining on Oahu is one of the top-rated activities.

How long is zipline climb?

A great option for ziplining beginners, this easygoing tour spans a full 5,100 feet over the course of nine separate ziplines. This tour’s average zipline covers 600 feet, with the longest reaching 900 feet — just enough to provide an extended view, but not so long as to terrify beginners.

Is zip lining tiring?

Don’t sweat it — ziplines are friendly to people of many levels of physical ability. While you will grip the handles, you’re actually supported entirely by the harness, so you won’t be exerting any upper-body strength to hold yourself up.

How long is the Kualoa Ranch Zipline?

Our ziplines range from 200 feet up to a quarter of a mile in length! Guests will learn about Hawaiian traditions and zip through native flora and fauna.

What island in Hawaii is the best to visit?

Oahu has the best selection of both cultural and historical sites in the islands, including good museums. This island is an excellent place for water sports, and the beaches are sure to please. People just love Oahu, and it lives up to its nickname of the “Gathering Place.” Want to learn more about Oahu?

How much does it cost to go zipline in Gatlinburg?


Day Solo Pricing Group Pricing
Daily 65.95 $56.95
*Prices are per person & don’t include tax.

What are the best things to do in Oahu Hawaii?

On the Island of Hawaii, head to Kahua Ranch for an immersive experience that includes a Hawaiian “talk story,” line dancing, roping demonstrations, a sunset barbecue, live music, and an evening around the campfire.

How to choose an Oahu zipline?

– Good for Kids – Good for Big Groups – Good for Couples – Good for Adrenaline Seekers

Are fireworks legal on Oahu Hawaii?

Oahu’s partial ban on fireworks prompted a negative response and illegal fireworks on Oahu. Fireworks have long since been a tradition in the islands on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Aerial fireworks and huge amazing spectacular shows of light are on show throughout the islands. However, fireworks were recently banned in 2010, limiting consumers to few fireworks and limited hours to show them off on holidays like New Year’s Eve.

What is the ZIP code for Oahu Hawaii?

Oahu Zip Codes. Aiea. 96701. Ewa Beach. 96706. Kapolei. 96707. Kapolei. 96709.