How much does the Onewheel scooter cost?

How much does the Onewheel scooter cost?

There’s no doubt that the Onewheel is a ton of fun, but unfortunately it all comes at hefty cost — the Onewheel retails for $1,499.

Is there a Onewheel scooter?

Kiwano K01+ One-Wheel Electric Scooter | 12 MPH max Speed | 13 Mile Range | Carbon Fiber Frame.

What is the scooter with Onewheel called?

A one-wheel electric scooter is a self-balancing electric single-wheeled recreational / sport vehicle that enables the rider to scoot around with minimum effort. Sometimes called an Electric Unicycle, Onewheel, Monowheel, or Monocycle.

Does Walmart sell Onewheel?

Ninebot Segway One S1 Electric One Wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Scooter US Version UL2272 Certified Black –

How fast does a Onewheel go?

How fast do Onewheels go? Onewheel Pint can go up to 16 mph and Onewheel+ XR can go up to 19 mph, but top speed will vary depending on rider weight, Digital Shaping mode, terrain, slope, tire pressure, etc.

Can you buy a Onewheel in stores?

Yup, you can certainly give Onewheel a try before buying it! We have retailers all over the world and many of them offer Onewheel demos. You can find them using our Store Locator. Just be sure to call your retailer of choice in advance to be certain they can get you riding.

Where is Onewheel located?


Type Privately held
Headquarters Santa Cruz, California , United States
Products Electric skateboards
Number of employees 62

Is Onewheel worth the money?

The Onewheel is definitely worth it if you are a person who likes to feel the freedom of floating around. Riding the board does clear your mind on your way to and from work or just want to get out of your house. It’s a totally unique riding experience that you can’t get on bare land with any other device.

How hard is it to learn to ride a Onewheel?

You’ve probably thought that like a bike you’d have to learn how to balance on a new Onewheel…but it is completely self-balancing! Sure, as a beginner you’re likely to be a bit wobbly, but most find their way in just a few minutes.

What’s better than a Onewheel?

Unicool/DanDan D3 The D3 is a better machine when compared to the T1 and has the addition of a gyroscope which gives a similar feel when riding to a Onewheel. The board offers a 10-mile range, which is similar to the Pint but lacks a bit on the top speed at 14 mph.

Is a Onewheel worth the money?