How much Dulcolax do I take?

How much Dulcolax do I take?

Adults and children over 12 can take 1 to 3 tablets in a single daily dose for up to 7 days. If this is the first time taking a laxative for constipation, we recommend taking 1 to 2 tablets in a single daily dose. Take tablets 30 to 60 minutes before your normal bedtime to produce a bowel movement the next morning.

How many Dulcolax overnight should I take?

DIRECTIONS: Take with a glass of water. Adults and children: 1 to 3 tablets in a single daily dose; children 6 to under 12 years of age: 1 tablet in a single daily dose; children under 6 years of age: ask a doctor.

How long does Dulcolax overnight relief take to work?

Dulcolax® Laxative Tablets provide relief in 6-12 hours. That means you can take it before bed and wake up to a bowel movement.

How long does it take 4 tablets of Dulcolax to work?

by After taking Dulcolax tablets you should have a bowel movement within 12 to 72 hours. Dulcolax suppositories generally produces bowel movements in 15 minutes to 1 hour.

How long does it take for Dulcolax to make you poop?

It may take 6 to 12 hours before this medication causes a bowel movement.

What happens if I take 3 Dulcolax?

Taking an extra dose of bisacodyl is unlikely to harm you. You may get diarrhoea and stomach pain, but this should get better within a day or two. If you’re worried, talk to your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

How long should you wait to eat after taking Dulcolax?

This medication should not be taken with food. It is best taken on an empty stomach, one hour before or 2 hours after a meal.

Should I take Dulcolax before or after a meal?

You should not take Dulcolax with or immediately after meals. It must be taken on an empty stomach. It is best to take it 1-2 hours before or after having dinner. You should drink plenty of fluids while taking this medicine.

Can you take Dulcolax on empty stomach?