How much HP does Smithy have Mario RPG?

How much HP does Smithy have Mario RPG?

First battleEdit

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars enemy
HP 250
Attack 100
Defense 100

How do you beat Belome?

Belome is super weak to Mario’s ‘Jump’ attack, so keep using that (or ‘Super Jump’ if you have it). He’s also weak to electricity, so use Mallow’s ‘thunderbolt’ and heal when needed. Halfway through, Belome will swallow Mallow. Just keep attacking with Mario’s Jump or Super Jump, and eventually you’ll defeat him.

What happens if you beat Culex?

All four Crystals can be defeated independently before targeting Culex, but if Culex falls, any remaining Crystals shatter one by one on their next turn. If Mario’s party wins, Culex rewards Mario with the Quartz Charm. Culex then leaves Mario’s dimension as Mario is transported back to Monstro Town.

How do you beat Mack in Super Mario RPG?

When in battle, Mack attacks with physical strikes and the spells Flame and Flame Wall. After a few turns, the Shysters will return, requiring the player to repeat the process until Mack is defeated. If all the bodyguards are defeated, Mack will use Flame Wall for his next attack.

What happened to The Smithy Family?

Police investigating a fire at the London home of a prolific TikTok family have confirmed the blaze is being treated as arson. Residents The Smithy Family – a UK TikTok account which has amassed nearly 3 million followers on the platform – were being trolled on social media and blamed for the devastating inferno.

How do you beat Punchinello?

Mario’s team should start out strong using Magic attacks to weaken Punchinello. One Punchinello summons the Mezzo Bombs, they should stick to one hit, strong physical attacks and quickly take out Punchinello.

How do you beat Chester in Mario RPG?

The Chester is weak against Jump attacks so Mario should use his strongest jump move, Ultra Jump, against it. Geno should give Mario an extra boost with Geno Boost while Princess Toadstool works on healing.