How much is $1 U.S. in Jamaica today?

How much is $1 U.S. in Jamaica today?

153.023 JMD
Convert US Dollar to Jamaican Dollar

1 USD 153.023 JMD
5 USD 765.113 JMD
10 USD 1,530.23 JMD
25 USD 3,825.57 JMD

Does Scotiabank charge for currency exchange?

All rates, fees, and other information are subject to change….Current transaction fees.

Current transaction fees
Foreign currency conversion1 2.5%

How much is $1000 US in Jamaican Dollars?

153230.00000 JMD
Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Jamaican Dollar
1000 USD 153230.00000 JMD
2000 USD 306460.00000 JMD
5000 USD 766150.00000 JMD
10000 USD 1532300.00000 JMD

How much is 40us in Jamaica?

40 U.S. Dollar to Jamaican Dollar Exchange Rates

Current Rate 6,147.67
Bid Price 6,147.36
Ask Price 6,147.98
Open Price 6,148.20

Where is the best U.S. dollar exchange rate?

Travel FX. Travel FX consistently offer the best exchange rates and top our polls in user satisfaction and also have a 5* rating on Trustpilot . They offer payment by bank transfer, debit card or credit card and the whole process is very slick.

How much is $1000 US in Canadian money?

Convert US Dollar to Canadian Dollar

50 USD 63.2388 CAD
100 USD 126.478 CAD
500 USD 632.388 CAD
1,000 USD 1,264.78 CAD

Can I get US dollars from Scotiabank?

Scotiabank makes transferring funds within Canada and internationally quick, convenient and economical. We also buy and sell major foreign currency banknotes. And, if your business has foreign exchange needs, Scotiabank can also help. More details on available currencies and denominations, order limits and fees.

How much is $1 Canadian in Jamaica?

Canadian Dollar to Jamaican Dollar Exchange Rate Today, Live 1 CAD to JMD = 118.4594 (Convert Canadian Dollars to Jamaican Dollars)

How much is a loaf of bread in Jamaica?

Cost of living in Jamaica

Food Price in $
1 kg (2 lb.) of apples 7.50 JMD
1 bottle of red table wine, good quality 48.95 JMD
2.5 liters of Coca-Cola 0.95 JMD
1 Bread loaf standard 9.50 JMD