How much is a 5 ton central air unit?

How much is a 5 ton central air unit?

A 5.0 TON air conditioner would cost around $1,980 for the AC unit alone or a total installation cost of $3,690.

How many square feet will a 5 ton AC unit cool?

The answer is a 5 ton AC. Most homes from about 2500 to 3000 square feet require a 5 ton air conditioner.

What size AC do I need for 2800 sq ft?

1,500–2,000 sq/ft = 30,000 BTUs. 2,000–2,500 sq/ft = 34,000 BTUs. 2,500–3,000+ sq/ft = 42,000–60,000 BTUs.

How much AC do I need for a 5000 square foot house?

If you have a 5,000-square-foot space, divide that number by 500 to get 10. 10 times 12,000 is 120,000 Btu. If four people work there, add 1,520 (380 Btu x 4). If the space has three windows, add 3,000 (1,000 Btu x 3).

How many square feet will a 5 ton unit handle?

2401 – 3000 sf
Air Conditioning Square Footage Range by Climate Zone

3 Tons 1501 – 1800 sf 1501 – 1850 sf
3.5 Tons 1801 – 2100 sf 1851 – 2150 sf
4 Tons 2101 – 2400 sf 2151 – 2500 sf
5 Tons 2401 – 3000 sf 2501 – 3100 sf

Which is better Rheem or Lennox?

Both Lennox and Rheem have established a solid reputation for their high-quality, reliable, and efficient air conditioner products. In terms of energy efficiency, performance, and a variety of models to choose from, Lennox pulls ahead of Rheem. However, Rheem offers more economical options if you’re on a strict budget.

What is better Rheem or carrier?

Rheem air conditioners are not so efficient, and the parts break a lot as compared to carrier ACs. Unlike Carrier air conditioning systems, there is more leakage of pipes and refrigerant happens with Rheem ACs. If you do not often change the AC unit in a year or two, then Carrier will be a better choice here.

What happens if your AC tonnage is too high?

If your air conditioner is too big, you’ll have hot spots – or inconsistent cooling – throughout your home. Hot spots occur most often when cold air doesn’t disperse through the home efficiently enough. You’ll notice that some of your rooms are cool and comfortable, while others are hot and humid.