How much is a Cartier Santos 100 worth?

How much is a Cartier Santos 100 worth?

Prices at a Glance: Santos 100

Model/Reference number Price (approx.)
Santos 100 Skeleton, W2020018 48,500 USD
Iced-Out Santos 100 XL Chronograph, W20090X8 15,500 USD
Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph, W2020004 6,800 USD
Santos 100 Carbon, WSSA0006 6,700 USD

Do Cartier watches have diamonds?

As the history of Cartier implies, their diamond watches are among the finest in the world. You can find watches that feature diamonds in a range of different lines by the company.

What movement is in a Cartier Santos 100?

1847 MC movement
Cartier recently reintroduced the Santos 100 Carbon with minor aesthetic tweaks and more importantly, the in-house 1847 MC movement. Here’s a hands-on look, with original photos and pricing.

Does Cartier watch hold value?

The short answer is yes, Cartier watches hold value and may even increase in value. The longer answer is that it depends on several factors. Vintage Cartier may go up in value more than a newer model. Trends may change as time passes and value may increase or diminish accordingly.

Can you wear a Cartier Santos with a suit?

Cartier Santos-Dumont on Regé-Jean Page and Rami Malek Classically sized and thin, the Santos-Dumont has a style that fits well under the cuff of a suit and with more casual attire.

Do Cartier Santos hold their value?

Whether you’re a fan of the Tank, the racing-induced Drive de Cartier or the pilot inspired Santos watch, Cartier watches will always hold their value since each one is a prime example of the brand’s expert craftsmanship and horological know-how.

Is Cartier watch expensive?

Cartier watches are expensive because they utilize high-quality materials, are only manufactured in Switzerland, and feature complicated designs. The patronage of wealthy individuals also contributes to a Cartier watch’s high price.

Is Cartier Santos 100 discontinued?

It was discontinued but brought back to life in 2016 as the Cartier Santos 100 XL, complete with sporty textile strap and upgraded movement.

Is Cartier Santos 100 worth buying?

It is an automatic mechanical movement called 1847 Calibre as well. The watch runs at 4Hz frequency and is also capable of providing 2 days’ worth of food in this package. The overall impression of the Cartier Santos is quite amazing. In our opinion, if you can afford it then it is definitely a watch worth buying!

How many Cartier Santos are there?

There are two lines in the current Santos collection: the Santos-Dumont and the Santos de Cartier. The Santos-Dumont was introduced in 2004 and is closest to the original Santos timepiece from 1904.

When was the Santos 100 discontinued?

Somehow the Cartier Santos disappeared a bit from the stage, the watches were relatively small (although Cartier did introduce the Santos 100 in in 2004) and in 2016 the collection was completely discontinued.

What is the difference between a Cartier Santos and a Galbee?

The Santos Galbee has some key differences from the Santos 100 models. Functionally it has a date, while both Santos 100 have none. Visually it has more elongated proportions than the Santos 100; the lugs on the Galbee are slimmer and longer, relative to the case. This makes it a bit more elegant and less sporty.

Is Cartier Santos an investment?

The Cartier Santos, therefore, definitely has potential as an investment piece.

Do Cartier Santos hold value?

The short answer is yes, Cartier watches hold value and may even increase in value.

How can you tell a fake Cartier de Santos?

A Cartier Santos will feature a finely engraved trademark deep enough into the back plate. Look for possible discrepancies in the ‘Cartier’, an inconsistent C or the lack of a straight-line orientation of the letters. These sets of words – “Water Resistant, Swiss Made, and OR 750/Acier” are found under each other.

How can you tell a fake Cartier?

Void of any damage or aging, all markings should be crisp and clear. Smudged logos, uneven inscriptions, or sloppy finishes are red flags that indicate the bracelet is a replica. First, there is the obvious “Cartier” logo. Any Love bracelet should have the signature, and if it does not, then it is a fake.

What size is the Cartier Santos 100?

Measuring between 38mm to 46mm in diameter, the Cartier Santos 100 Large Size – Steel may be powered by either an automatic or manual winding movement.

Will Cartier Santos increase in value?

Rising demand and continued scarcity mean Cartier will remain one of the most sought after brands in 2022. It is expected that this year will see considerable and continued growth in the luxury watch market. Significant shortages at authorised dealers will surely lead to skyrocketing prices on the pre-owned markets.

What does a fake Cartier watch look like?

Genuine Cartiers always have a serial number consisting of two letters and six digits printed on the back. The number will be engraved as a number of fake Cartiers feature a serial number that’s barely etched onto the watch.

Can you look up Cartier serial number?

There is no Cartier serial number database online that you can use to search if your Cartier watch is fake. Only Cartier has access to such records. You can consult with Cartier in a Cartier shop, or by email or telephone. Note that the serial number may not guarantee that the watch is authentic.

Is Santos a good watch?

The Cartier Santos is a popular watch. In fact, it’s probably one of the brand’s best-selling men’s models. Stylish yet sporty, chic yet casual, the Cartier Santos does it all. Following a revamp two years ago, the watch has shot to the top of the wish list of many a dapper gentleman.

Does Cartier Santos watch hold value?

How can I tell if my Cartier is real?

Genuine Cartier watches have the brand name inscribed – and correctly spelt with the first ‘r’ included – on the movement. The brand also spells out CARTIER on either the 7 o’clock or 10 o’clock markers. You’ll also find the words SWISS MADE clearly under the 6 o’clock marker – often omitted by fraudsters.

Will Cartier Santos hold value?

Is buying a Cartier watch a good investment?

Is Cartier cheaper at duty free?

For watches at duty free, it is about 11% cheaper than making the purchase in town, but they don’t have many models. If you are determined, you may call ahead, tell them what you want and have them order it for you in advance.

What color is the Cartier Santos 100 XL Chronograph?

Cartier Santos 100 XL Chronograph Custom Diamond Set Black… Cartier Santos 100 XL Chronograph Custom Diamond Set Brown… Cartier Santos 100 XL Chronograph Custom Diamond Set Black…

What kind of calibers do Santos 100 watches use?

Most Santos 100 watches use automatic calibers from ebauché movement manufacturer ETA. Beginning in 2010, Cartier also outfitted various models with in-house calibers. Fans of quartz watches will also find several options to choose from.

When did the Cartier Santos first come out?

Demand for the Santos took off immediately – so much so that it entered series production in 1911. Since then, the Santos has evolved into an impressive collection and remains an integral part of Cartier’s catalog to this day.

What are the different models of Cartier Santos?

The Cartier Santos watch collection includes Santos Galbée, Santos Dumont and Santos 100 watch models. Louis Cartier created this revolutionary wristwatch in Cartier Skip to main content PURCHASE BEFORE JUNE 17 2PM EST FOR FATHER’S DAY DELIVERY: PLEASE NOTE OUR SHIPPING INFORMATION