How much is APF in Nepal?

How much is APF in Nepal?

The total strength of the APF is around 37,000 personnel, including 2,000 women.

What is APF Nepali?

Armed Police Force, Nepal. IGP.JPG Raju AryalInspector GeneralIGP Armed Police Force, Nepal INSPECTOR GENERAL, APF 1 (17).jpg Bidur KhadkaDeputy Inspector GeneralDIG Armed Police Force, NepalSPOKESPERSON, APF.

When was armed police force established in Nepal?

24th of October 2001
Subsequently, the Armed Police Force was founded on the 24th of October 2001. Krishna Mohan Shrestha of the Nepal Police (then serving as Additional Inspector General of Police) was its first Chief.

What is the salary of APF?

62,680 and with a maximum of 2 grades their salary reaches to Rs. 66,860.

What is the full form of DSP in Nepali?

Rank insignia

Rank Insignia on epaulettes
Superintendent (SP) Two stars pips with crossed Khukuri and police baton
Deputy Superintendent (DSP) One star pip, crossed Khukuri and police baton
Inspector (INSP) {Equivalent to IPS(ADDL SP) of Indian Police Service} Crossed Khukuri and police baton

How many types of police are there in Nepal?

Nepal Police Rank There are currently fourteen ranks in Nepal Police. Nepal Police Ranks include IGP, AIG, DIG, SSP, SP, DSP, PI, SSI, SI, ASI, SHC, HC, AHC, and C. Law enforcement officials are given power by the legislation to maintain peace and security and enforce laws.

How many types of Police are there in Nepal?

Who was the first Police inspector in Nepal?

Toran Shamsher J.B.Rana
Toran Shamsher J.B. Rana was appointed the first Inspector General of Police.

How many IGP are there in Nepal?

Dhiraj Pratap Singh has been appointed as the 29th IGP of Nepal Police. A cabinet meeting held on Sunday decided to make Singh the police chief. Earlier, the government had made Singh and Rabindra Dhanuk AIGs by adding Nepal Police posts.

How can I become a Police Inspector in Nepal?

1) Educational Qualification: General literacy. 2) Not being dismissed from the job in the future in general disqualification for government job. 3) Other qualifications up to Serial Number as prescribed for the post of Inspector of Police on behalf of the district group.

Who is bigger Si or Inspector?

SI – Sub-inspector of police A sub-inspector ranks above an assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) and below an inspector. S.I. is usually the first investigating officer. He is generally in command of few police personnel.

How many SP are there in Nepal Police?

Nepal Police – Transfer List of 52 Superintendent of Nepal Police (SP)

Who is AIG of Nepal?

In a Cabinet meeting, Additional Inspector General (AIG) Dhiraj Pratap Singh was appointed the 29th Inspector General of the Nepal Police.

Which post is higher in Nepal police?

The Inspector-General of Police
Which post is highest in police in Nepal? The Inspector-General of Police is the senior-most and highest-ranked police officer and also the head of the Nepalese Police Force, who oversees all police activities throughout the country.

What is the age limit for ASI?

Candidates applying to the position of CRPF ASI and SI (Stenographer) position should be in the age group of 18-25.