How much is Casio calculator FX 991ES plus?

How much is Casio calculator FX 991ES plus?

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This item (CASIO) Scientific Calculator (FX-991ESPLUS) Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator Fx 991 Es – New & Sealed ship to world wide
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Is Casio FX 991ES plus a scientific calculator?

fx-991ES PLUS-2 | Standard Scientific calculators | Scientific Calculators | Calculators | CASIO.

How much is a Casio 991ES?

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This item Casio FX-991ES Plus-2nd Edition Scientific Calculator
Price $3300
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Sold By The Midnight Store
Item Dimensions 6.38 x 3.03 x 0.43 inches

How do I know if my Casio FX 991ES is real?

if you want to find Original Casio fx-991ex then just follow the instruction below :

  1. Pressing Along with [ (SHIFT)+(ON)+KEY(7) ], You Get “DIAGNOSTIC” Mode.
  2. Then Press KEY (8) within 5 Second you get This Feature.
  3. After Pressing those KEY You get This Future.

Which is best scientific calculator?

5 Top Rated Best Scientific Calculators for Engineering & Architecture students In 2022

  • The scientific calculator’s latest versions include more features, and you can buy them.
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  • Our pick for the best scientific calculator for students is the Casio FX-991EX ClassWiz.

Which is better 991EX or 991ES?

If you want to know the best among these two calculators i.e. Casio 991EX and 991ES plus, then I suggest you to go for Casio 991EX. It is the fastest calculator ever by Casio. It is almost 4 times faster than 991ES Plus. It has almost 4 times screen resolution as compared to 991ES Plus.

Which scientific calculator is best for engineering students?

The scientific calculator of Casio is most preferable in the engineering student community; Casio is easy to use and most affordable in terms of price and quality.

What can Casio FX 991ES do?


  • Number of Functions : 417.
  • Natural textbook display Display expression same as textbook.
  • Two way Power.
  • 10 + 2 digits 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display.
  • Dot matrix display High-resolution screen provides beautiful looking graphs every time.