How much is Chokhmah International Academy school fees?

How much is Chokhmah International Academy school fees?

2022 Monthly fees (Century City)

Nursery R2580 per month
Grade 6 – 7 R2900 per month
Grade 8 – 9 R3150 per month
Grade 10 – 11 R3800 per month
Grade 12 R4150 per month

What does the hebrew word for wisdom mean?

THE Hebrew word chokma, as used in the Old Testament, stands for wisdom, both divine (Prov.

What is the name of David Ibiyeomie school?

Education. David Ibiyeomie attended Banham Primary School and Government Comprehensive Secondary School Borikiri, all in Rivers State for his primary and secondary education.

What are the three types of wisdom?

I would rather call it divine reasoning. Reasoning which is beyond just thinking, reasoning that is divine. Wisdom is a heavenly commodity. There are three types of wisdom – the first wisdom which is the most important is the Godly wisdom then Earthly wisdom and Satanic wisdom.

What is the difference between the Hebrew words for wisdom and knowledge?

In the Hebrew Bible, wisdom is distinguished from knowledge. As a form of understanding that corresponds, necessarily, to the knower, the knowledge that humans gain is limited by who and what humans are.

What are the 7 attributes of wisdom?

Wisdom’s seven pillars, according to scripture, are: fear of the Lord, instruction, knowledge, understanding, discretion, counsel, and reproof.

What is the highest form of wisdom?

Parashat Chayei Sarah – The highest form of wisdom is kindness – The Talmud.

How can I practice wisdom?


  1. Try new things.
  2. Talk to people you don’t know. Talk to people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives from yours, and pay attention to what you can learn from them.
  3. Do it the hard way.
  4. Make mistakes. Experience makes us wiser.
  5. Share your wisdom with others.

What God says about wisdom?

The Bible says in Proverbs 4:6-7, “Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”

How old is pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

58 years (December 7, 1963)Chris Oyakhilome / Age

What is wisdom biblically?

The Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines wisdom as “knowledge, and the capacity to make due use of it.” The fact that Solomon asked for (not just knowledge) but insight on how to apply the knowledge effectively, he was granted things like riches, wealth and honor.

What comes first wisdom or knowledge?

Wisdom is built upon knowledge. That means you can be both wise and knowledgeable, but you can’t be wise without being knowledgeable.