How much is Smart Little Lena worth?

How much is Smart Little Lena worth?

He was a small horse, standing only 13.3 hands (55 inches, 140 cm). Hanes Chatham bred and raised Smart Little Lena, broke him and started him on cattle as a two-year-old….

Smart Little Lena
Color Chestnut
Breeder Hanes Chatham

How many foals did Smart Little Lena sire?

He sired 17 World Champions, 11 Reserve World Champions, and 110 Register of Merit winners. The syndicate who owned Smart Little Lena said the horse would be cremated and his remains would be placed in a box in a trophy case at Manion Ranch.

How much money did Smart Little Lena make?

Smart Little Lena was foaled June 29, 1979. Smart Little Lena’s low, flowing snaky cutting style won the 1982 NCHA Futurity. He followed that win with first-place finishes in the NCHA Super Stakes and Derby. After earning $577,652 in just eight shows, Smart Little Lena was retired to the breeding shed.

Who owned Doc Bar?

Overview of Doc Bar’s stats:

Born: 1956
Weight: 1,000 pounds
Color: Chestnut
Owners: Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Jensen
Sire: Lightning Bar

Who is metallic cats dad?

Metallic Cat’s owner, Bobby Patton, purchased the right for the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity Open Champion to be on the show at a charity auction during last year’s NCHA Futurity. Money from the $165,000 bid benefitted the NCHA Charities Foundation.

What is Doc Bar worth?

Doc Bar was purchased from Finley by the Jensens for $30,000 in 1963 (equivalent to over $255,000 today). What is this? Doc Bar’s power, agility, style, and strength gave him all the makings for a top sire. His riders gave him praise for his natural cow sense and athleticism while working cattle.

Who owns metallic Cat Quarter horse?

Bobby Patton
His first foal crop debuted at the 2013 futurities and have been dominating the demanding triathlon of reined cow horse ever since. In the fall of 2017, Metallic Cat was purchased by Bobby Patton, of the Rocking P Ranch, Weatherford, Texas.

What breed was high brow Cat?

For the full Black Type pedigree or Genetic Disease Testing results, use the buttons below.

High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Doc’s Hickory
Very Shortly Shorty Lena Moira Girl
Very Special Peppy Peppy San Badger
Berry Special

What is a Lena horse?

Called the Lena horse (Equus caballus lenensis), this ice age foal was found in the Batagaika Crater in eastern Siberia and is thought to have been just 2 months old when it died, likely by drowning in mud. ( Image credit: courtesy Semyon Grigoriev)

Who owned Doc O Lena?

and Mrs. Stephen F. Jensen

Doc O’Lena
Breeder Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Jensen
Owner Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Jensen
Other awards
1970 NCHA Futurity Champion

Who rode Smart Little Lena?

Bill Freeman
Born in 1979, Smart Little Lena (Doc Olena [Doc Bar] x Smart Peppy [Peppy San]) was owned by a syndicate. He was the first National Cutting Horse Association Triple Crown champion, and in only eight shows, won $US743,275. He was ridden by the late Bill Freeman.

Why was Doc Bar put down?

Why Was Doc Brown Put Down? Doc Bar was humanely put down on July 20, 1992. At 36-years-old, it was clear to his owners he was no longer able to properly digest his food. He was having trouble maintaining his weight and it was difficult for him to get up.

Is Buster Welch still alive?

June 12, 2022Buster Welch / Date of death