How much is the Luftschutz helmet worth?

How much is the Luftschutz helmet worth?

The decal lists the liner size, 57, as well as the highest authorized sale price- 8 Reichsmarks, which was about $280 in today’s US dollars.

What was Luftschutz?

The Luftschutz was a voluntary civilian role responsible in a air raid for ensuring that everyone in their allotted area was taking the necessary air raid precautions, much like the British ARP wardens.

What is the German gladiator helmet?


Type Combat helmet
Place of origin Germany
Service history
In service 1916–1992

What is an RLB dagger?

Wittmann Antique Militaria – RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) Daggers. The Reichsluftschutzbund or RLB was the official air raid protection group for the state. It was established by Air Minister, Hermann Göring in 1935. RLB groups were kept busy training the German population for civil defense.

What happened to the German Air Force in ww2?

After the defeat of Germany, the Luftwaffe was disbanded in 1946. During World War II, German pilots claimed roughly 70,000 aerial victories, while over 75,000 Luftwaffe aircraft were destroyed or significantly damaged. Of these, nearly 40,000 were lost entirely.

Do helmets stop bullets?

Do not use your ballistic helmet as a motorcycle helmet. It won’t provide adequate protection in a collision. And it bears mentioning that motorcycle helmets are not designed to stop bullets. Don’t rely on one in a firefight.

Do bulletproof suits exist?

Turns out, bulletproof suits are a real thing and has been existing in the Garrison Bespoke’s showroom since 2014. Garrison Bespoke makes a stylish bulletproof suit that is not made from Kevlar(the material bulletproof vest are made from) but looks like an everyday normal suit and can stop a bullet to an extent.

What if Britain lost ww2?

In either case, with Britain defeated, American entry into the war against Germany would have become even less likely and German forces would have been free to throw more resources into the invasion of the Soviet Union, perhaps leading to a different outcome in that theatre.