How much travel does a RockShox Recon have?

How much travel does a RockShox Recon have?

The Rockshox Recon combines trail performance and affordability giving riders a bombproof fork that is reliable and strong. Offering 100mm of travel, the Recon Silver RL is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their stock suspension.

Can I increase my fork travel?

Any increase in fork travel will slacken the bike and shorten its reach. Slacker head angles boost confidence in steep descending terrain, but they make a mountain bike less agile at climbing technical singletrack as well as unbalancing the bike by moving the rider’s weight backward.

Can you decrease your fork travel?

Typically, an air fork achieves travel decrease/increase with the addition/removal of spacers on the air spring assembly, respectively. This effectively will reduce the air chamber size (travel decrease, spacer added) or increase the air chamber size (travel increase, spacer removed).

Can you put a 130mm fork on a 120mm bike?

Nope. It will be fine and will take more than 10mm to make an appreciable change. You might notice the handling difference, but it will be slight and won’t negatively affect anything.

Is 120mm fork travel enough?

Honesty, a 120mm fork is enough travel for most Trail riders. Longer travel doesn’t necessarily mean better.

What is the new RockShox recon silver?

The brand new RockShox Recon Silver sets the new benchmark for value-based performance. The new Recon represents a perfect partnership between our venerable Reba’s crown and lower legs and bombproof steel stanchions.

Is the RockShox suspension fork worth it?

So this fork can be very useful for those who what to go down hill quickly or those like me that are kind of heavy with an electric push be more in control. A $250 front fork that keeps you from crashing is way cheaper than an injury or a trip to the hospital. Got the Rockshox Suspension Fork for upgrading my old mountain bike.

What are the specs of Recon silver?

With optimized material concentrated at the brace and seal area, outstanding stiffness and steering precision, axle spec of either 9mm QR, 15x100mm, or 15x110mm, and available eMTB configured fork options with fender mounting points, Recon Silver is an all-around performer suited for any MTB or eMTB bike.

What is the new recon silver chassis?

This new chassis allows a significant decrease in stanchion length, which means the Recon Silver just went on a serious weight-loss program. The re-invented Recon is the new silver standard for fun.