How often can you use a Consol sunbed?

How often can you use a Consol sunbed?

The FDA requires 24 hours between tanning sessions but at Consol, we recommend leaving 48 hours between sessions where time allows. Our systems will not allow you to take more than one session a day.

Is Consol tanning safe?

With the latest world class sunbeds and our own advanced tube technology, Consol operates every bed to the safe limit of 0.3. The result is a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan that is built up professionally, responsibly and safely.

Is Consol half price on Sundays?

All shops will now be a maximum of 50p per minute, all day, every Sunday starting this Sunday until the end of September! Plus, tag 3 tanning buddies in this announcement and we’ll pick one of you to receive a goody bag of tanning goodies!

Can you pay cash at Consol?

Payment is super easy and can be done using contactless using your phone or card, just press the card button to do so, if you pay with cash, we only take notes and any change will be put on your account as Consol credits.

Can you go on sunbed 2 days in a row?

Yes, it is dangerous to use a tanning bed two days in a row. Every time you use a tanning bed, you expose your skin to UV rays which can damage skin cells, causing them to mutate into potentially deadly skin cancers like melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma.

Can you sunbed two days in a row?

The answer to this question is no – you should not go tanning two days in a row. You should wait at least 3-5 days between tanning sessions before you hop into a tanning bed. The truth is, tanning can be addictive (1).

How long should my first sunbed be?

Skin Type 1: Limit tanning to very short sessions, no longer than 1 minute for your first 3 sessions. Build up the length of time tanning in 1 minute increments only, and do not rush the process. The minute you start to feel your skin getting too warm or uncomfortable, end your tanning session immediately.

Should you shower after a sunbed?

Gives Your Body Some Time to Tan It feels like a quick process, and it is, but your body keeps working after you hop out of the tanning booth. Give it at least a couple of hours before you decide to take a shower. You’ll get more effective and longer lasting results that way.

Should I shower after a sunbed?

You can immediately shower after sunbed tanning if you didn’t use any bronzer or spray tanning treatment. Have you used a bronzer? Wait for two hours before showering.