How old is Fearrington House?

How old is Fearrington House?

Fearrington, in 1915. A fire destroyed the original homestead in 1925, and in 1927 Edwin’s son, John Bunyan Fearrington, built a homestead in a location close to US 15-501, where it stands today as The Fearrington House Restaurant.

Does Fearrington Village have a pool?

Pool & Aquatic Center – Duke Center For Living at Fearrington. Our saltwater swimming pool is available to members and guests for lap swimming, group exercise classes, water walking, physical therapy and independent exercise.

How many rooms does Fearrington Inn have?

The Fearrington House Inn offers 32 individually designed guest rooms that feature antiques, luxurious fabrics, original artwork, fresh flowers and garden views.

Is the Fearrington House pet friendly?

Are your rooms pet friendly? We do set aside several inn rooms for dogs and their owners. These rooms offer additional space for everyone’s comfort and are conveniently located next to open space in which the pets can run. There is a $50 pet fee.

Is Fearrington Village dog friendly?

Fearrington House Inn, with its renowned restaurant, is a member of Relais & Chateaux, a family of the finest hotels and gourmet restaurants in the world. Whether overnighting at the Inn, dining outdoors or browsing in the shops, dogs on a leash are welcome to join their owners.

What county is Fearrington Village?

Chatham CountyFearrington / County

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