How old is Gail Ritchey?

How old is Gail Ritchey?

A jury found Gail Eastwood Ritchey, 52, guilty of murder and not guilty of aggravated murder after a week-long trial that ended last month. The sentence was dictated by state law. Ritchey was arrested in 2019 in the cold case death of the baby known as “Geauga’s Child.”

What is altruistic filicide?

1. Altruistic filicide is murder committed out of love to relieve the real or imagined suffering of the child. Altruistic filicide may be associated with suicide.

What is accidental filicide?

Accidental filicide—The parent unintentionally kills the child as a result of abuse. This category includes the rarely occurring Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Spouse revenge filicide—The parent kills the child as a means of exacting revenge upon the spouse, perhaps secondary to infidelity or abandonment.

What is Eldercide?

In online Homicide Studies journal ‘eldercide’ is equal to elderly homicide, whereas online medical dictionary defines the term as “suicide completion by a person age 65 or over”.

How common is Neonaticide?

Neonaticide is relatively rare in developed countries, but most of these murders remain secret: “… every year, hundreds of women commit neonaticide: they kill their newborns or let them die.

Is Neonaticide legal?

9. Neonaticide is considered a crime no greater than manslaughter under the English Infanticide Act.

What is a wife killing a husband called?

Uxoricide – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

What is it called when a husband kills his wife?

(Learn how and when to remove this template message) Uxoricide (from Latin uxor meaning “wife” and -cide, from caedere meaning “to cut, to kill”) is the killing of one’s own wife.

What is the meaning of democide?

Mass Murder: the indiscriminate killing of any person or people by a government. Democide: The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.

What do Eskimos do to old people?

Some groups of Eskimos, mainly Inuit in northern Alaska, did practice senilicide (the killing of the elderly), as well as infanticide (killing babies, especially with female babies), and even invalidicide (killing the irrecoverably sick or disabled).